Ghana FA set to review Kwesi Appiah's contract

Published on: 17 August 2010

The Ghana Football Association claims assistant coach Kwesi Appiah will be handed an improved contract as his superior Milovan Rajevac looks set to sign a new bumper deal.

Appiah, an Ex-Ghana defender, was appointed to aid the Serb on a US$ 3,000 monthly salary which was widely criticized as paltry in comparison to the then USS$ 50,000 earned by his boss.

Rajevac is reported to be on the verge of signing a four-year contract extension on a US$ 66,000 monthly bill and it is expected his second-in-command will have his emolument improved.

"Assistant coach of the Black Stars is one of the staff in addition to that we have the goalkeeper's trainer, medical staff and all those people. There has been a continuous reviews of their contract and we are looking at that," Ghana FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi told Joy FM.

"You just don't take decisions but you must be mindful of your resources and ability to pay and where you are getting the resources."

Appiah has been key in Ghana's successes: The 2009 African Nations Championship, 2010 Africa Cup of Nations and the World Cup finals in South Africa.

The last time Appiah complained about his salary, he was given a two-week ultimatum by the Ministry of Sports to accept the US$ 3,000 or quit.


  • sunshine
    says: 9 years ago
  • RICH
    says: 9 years ago
    This is absolutely nonsense, stupidity and disgusting to say the least. How can you pay a coach $50,000.00 and his assistance 3,000.00!! This is an insult to Akwasi Appiah and Ghanaian coaches in general. If we have money to pay Milo $66,000.00 then we should at least pay Akwasi Appiah $20,000.00. Anything less is an insult to who we are as people. I think these GFA members, should be voted out and they should take Milo with them
  • kobby adubofour
    says: 9 years ago
    GFA please be realistic if what we are reading is true,b'cos this amount is what £2000 which kwasi appiah can earn in London doing cleaning work not to talk of being a soccer coach who has been to the world cup.really the amount is too small.Kwasi if you are threatened like this again quit and come to London you will definitely be paid more by a division 3 team
  • obama UAE
    says: 9 years ago
    ooooooooh ghana, we pay the coach how much and pay how own assistant how much what a shame to the GFA and even am sure kwesi appia some of the GFA members who appointed him will be expecting some thing from the 3000 dollers, pls stop and come and coach my uncles team kumasi king faisal and u will be paid more than 5000dolles that is my advise
  • Korsah
    says: 9 years ago
    We are our own enemies. Oh Africa(Ghana mentality) how can we progress with this attitide? How can you give $66,000 to a White Coach and give an insulting $3000 to his deputy. Shame on you GFA! Kwasi Appiah a dedicated for Black Star Captain deserves better respect. Shame on you GFA, your reasons are unreasonable. You kill local talents and initiatives.
  • Mr.N
    says: 9 years ago
    “You just don’t take decisions but you be mindful of your resources and ability to pay and where you are getting the resources.” Said Kwesi Nyantakyi . Did Kwesi Nyantakyi took all these into consideration b/4 he handed Milovan Rajevac the $66,000.00 plus interpretor fee which we do not know yet. How come whenever it come to review something about a Ghanaian these nonsense comes up.
  • Jude
    says: 9 years ago
    Oh my people,b/cs of dis cheeting dat has made our players not to give respect to the local coches.Do you just think dat de so cal white man is better than your own fellow black man,how can you just full Appiah and the whole nation Ghana mr minister ? Don't u think that there is some thing good in Appiah more than this siebean , fix it b/4 it get out of hand GFA 2010/O8/20
  • Edward
    says: 9 years ago
    How can we treat our own countryman this way. This is very sad indeed. Dou you think if it were a foreigner, we will be paying him this peanut. Nyantakyi wake up and don't be this stupid This is inhumanne teatment to the nonsense degree. Just sheer wickedness on the part of Mother Ghana to one of it's citizens. The President, Parliament and Ministry of Sports should think twicw. The slave trade is long abolished but Kwasi appiah is being treated as a slave by his own Countrymen
  • OmEgo Jnr
    says: 9 years ago
    this kwasi of a thing must be crazy, i guest he did not think twice b4 saying these non-existence words please use well ur grammer and think b4 spreading to ur countrymen and gO back to elementary school to learn OUR NATION ANTHEM