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EXCLUSIVE: Ghana league top scorer Victorien Adebayor set to join Danish side HB Koge

Published on: 28 July 2020
EXCLUSIVE: Ghana league top scorer Victorien Adebayor set to join Danish side HB Koge
Victorien Adebayor

Top scorer Victorien Adebayor is set to leave Ghana Premier League to join Denmark side HB Koge, can exclusively reveal.

Inter Allies have reached an advanced stage of talks with their partners at the Danish second tier side who have been keen on signing the talented striker for two years now.

The striker, who is a national team player for Niger, is close to an agreement with Køge after talks were opened last week.

At the rumor level, there is talk of an agreement lasting three to four years for the Niger international to seal the deal.

Adebayor currently plays for Inter Allies in the Ghanaian Premier league, where he was most recently been the league top scorer with 12 season goals.

The connection to Adebayor is straightforward for HB Koge, because the club's former coach, Henrik Lehm, was in Ghana last year, where he was a saviour for a period for Inter Allies.

"Victorien Adebayor is an exciting player. I wont provide any more statements. At an overall level, we work closely with the Ghanaian club, which is part of the Capelli Sport Network (the clothing brand Capelli Sport is deeply involved in HB Køge). , says HB Køge's sports director, Per Rud.

"Therefore, we are also aware if there are players from Inter Allies who can strengthen us."

Victoria Adebayor is 23 years old and is a regular national team player for Niger.

Koge managed to avoid relegation from the 1st division and can look forward to a tough season, where there will be a battle for the top positions, after three clubs were relegated from the Superliga to join the second league.

Two years ago Adebayor was on his way to Vejle in Denmark, but never showed up to sign his loan contract that the East Jutland club had reached.

An agent had apparently forgotten to take Victoria Adebayor under oath when the loan agreement was signed.

But now it seems that Victorien Adebayor will appear in Danish football very soon.

Victorien Adje Zakari Adebayor, born on November 12, 1996 in Niger, has been playing for Ghanaian Inter Allies since January 1 2018.

He started his career at the football academy Atcha Académie and played for AS Douanes in Niger before switching to French US-Raon-l'Étape in 2017.

In Ghana he played for Inter Allies from which Vejle Boldklub has rented him until June 30, 2019 but the move fizzled out.

For the home country Niger, he made his debut as an 18-year-old in 2015 in a qualifying match for the African Cup of Nations.

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