Ghana Premier League legend Dan Owusu reveals how Gerd Muller and Osei Kofi shaped his career

Published on: 15 May 2024

Ghana Premier League legend Dan Owusu has expressed his disappointment in the performance of modern strikers, citing the influence of Gerd Muller and Osei Kofi on his own career as a benchmark for success.

According to the three-time Ghana Premier League goal king, the current crop of strikers in the league are struggling to score goals consistently.

In an interview with Kessben FM Owusu shared his insights on the challenges faced by modern strikers in the Ghanaian top flight, explaining why they are unable to score more goals for their clubs.

Owusu credits German football legend Gerd Muller and Ghanaian football great Rev. Osei Kofi for shaping his career and teaching him the skills he needed to succeed.

"When I went to Bofoakwa Tano, I faced similar challenges these current strikers are facing, I could get the ball and just shoot and wouldn't score. I can even dribble defenders and dribble past the goalkeeper and waste the chance. I had to sit and learn on how to score goals.

Owusu believes that goal scoring is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced.

"I watched videos of German striker, Gerd Muller and started emulating what he does on the pitch and listened to the legendary Rev. Osei Kofi and that helped me to be a good striker," he revealed.

"In recent times, the strikers are unable to score goals as expected. A striker scoring 12 goals after 34 games in the GPL is worrisome and that shows our strikers are indeed very weak," Owusu said in an interview with Kessben FM.

The legendary striker also emphasised the importance of mental toughness and strategy in goal scoring.

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