Ghana Premier League strikers are weak - Dan Owusu

Published on: 15 May 2024
Ghana Premier League strikers are weak - Dan Owusu
Hamza Issah is joint top of the Ghana Premier League scorers chart


Former Ghana international Dan Owusu has labelled current Ghana Premier League strikers as "indeed very weak".

With only five games left in the season, the leading top scorer has a mere 12 goals, a statistic that Owusu finds "worrisome".

"In recent times, the strikers are unable to score goals as expected. A striker scoring 12 goals after 34 games in the GPL is worrisome and that shows our strikers are indeed very weak," Owusu said in an interview with Kessben FM.

Owusu, a three-time Ghana Premier League goal king, believes that goal scoring is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. He notes that current strikers lack composure in the 18-yard box, rushing to score instead of taking the time to strategise.

"Goal scoring is learnt. Anything that you want to do you have to learn and when you do you will surely know. The strikers we have now have no composure when they get into the 18-yard box because they are always in a hurry to score," he explained.

Owusu emphasized the influence of Gerd Muller and Rev. Osei Kofi on his career.

"As a striker, it isn't necessary to be shooting all the time when you are on a 1v1 with the goalkeeper. You should know when to shoot and when to curl or place the ball. Shooting the ball all the time won't score. It takes braveness and a strong mentality to score goals."

The most recent top scorer race which showcased strong prowess for goalscoring was two seasons ago, when Yaw Annor scored 22 goals and Franck Etouga scored 21.

This season's leading scorers, Stephen Amankona and Hamzah Issah, have each scored 12 goals, while Steven Desse Mukwala has 11 goals.

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