Ghana's No. 1
Ghana Premier League is the third best sponsored in Africa
First Capital Plus Ghana Premier League.

The Ghana Premier League is the third best sponsored football league on the continent after signing a lucrative deal with First Capital Plus Bank.

The indigenous Ghanaian bank paid US$10 million for a five-year period to become headline sponsor of the league.

This means an annual amount of US$ 2 million during the period.

Only the South African Premier Soccer League with an annual US$ 17 million dollars and the Nigerian Premier League (US$ 4 million) are ranked above the Ghana league.

 Top 15th Best Sponsored Football Leagues in Africa and Annual Sponsorship Money:

1. South Africa ABSA Premiership- USD$ 17 million

2. Nigeria Glo League USD$4 million

3. Ghana First Capital League USD$2 million

4. Tanzania USD$ 2million

5. Morocco Botola League USD$1.8 million

6 Cameroon MTN League USD$1.4 million

7. Bostwana B-Mobile League USD$1.4 million

8. Zimbabwe Castle League USD$1.2 million

9. Ivory Coast USD$1 million

10. Kenya Tusker League USD$ 645,000

11. DR Congo USD$ 523,000

12. Malawi League USD$ 454,000

13. Mali Orange League USD$450,000

14. Swaziland USD$ 140,000

15. Zambia MTN USD$ 83,000






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