Ghana U-23 coach credits tactics for Cameroon win

Published on: 15 September 2011

By Ameenu Shardow

Coach Akwasi Appiah has uncharacteristically pounded his chest in the wake of Ghana's qualification to the finals of the All Africa Games.

The Black Meteors lined-up a rematch with South Africa after a hard-fought 1-0 win over the defending champions, Cameroon on Wednesday.

The soft-spoken coach who has had to superintend over several difficulties in the team's build-up which was exacerbated upon arriving in Mozambique, has been quick to tout the immense contribution made by the technical team in achieving the momentous feat.

"We (technical team) only had the chance to watch Cameroon for the first time when they played against Senegal," he said.

"We realized they had two very good midfielders of which we fashioned out a strategy to render them ineffective.

"We achieved this by making sure we had two players on them and also managed to cut out their supply lines which brought us this victory."

Ghana have now earned the chance to avenge a painful 1-0 loss suffered at the hands of the Amagluglug at the group stage and hopefully similar tactical ingenuity will be implored to win gold for the Black Meteors.


  • MLK
    says: 8 years ago
    Good Job guys. God bless you all
  • Saxcee4u
    says: 8 years ago
    Mr coach kudox for ur glory but next time be quick to blame the technical team for poor tactics should the team lose and not on playerz and situations like you guys always do. Go meteorx!
    says: 8 years ago
    Restore the glory guys. You can do it! Maraud around the Southerners like a pack of crazy lions. We'll beat them. Insha-Allah.
  • rich
    says: 8 years ago
    yes Paa Kwasi has done well. But as to whether he is a good coach will be determined by the final game. We lost the South Africans. If we are able to beat them, then the coach should be credited for a job well done. That is what good coaches do. You beat them once and they come back and beat you in the next game
  • aberico
    says: 8 years ago
    If the South African beat Ghana twice, it will not be good at all. But the guys are ready to deliver and at the end of the day Ghana will carry the maximum points for the gold medal.