Ghana's Normalisation Committee reveals financial package for special competition, silent on how much it will cost taxpayer

Published on: 08 January 2019

The Normalisation Committee has unveiled the financial package for the special competition for local teams in Ghana, but remained coy on the total amount expected to be borne by the taxpayer to execute the three-month project.

The interim Ghana FA body met Premier and Division One clubs in the Ghanaian capital, Accra on Tuesday to reveal both the modalities and the figures involved.

However, the committee failed to reveal how much the poor taxpayer must dole out to facilitate the smooth running of the three-month competition.

Sixty-four (64) teams comprising 16 Premier League and 48 Division One clubs will receive GH₵ 20,000 each as appearance fee.

The competition, which appears to have a striking similarity with the UEFA Nations Cup, will see four teams housed in a group amid proximity.

The top eight winners in each group will form the Tier 1 group while the eight-second placed teams will be housed in Tier 2.

Clubs that qualify to the Round of 16 will pocket GH₵ 4, 000 each. The quarter-finalist in Tier 1 will take home GH₵ 5,000 while Tier 2 will pocket GH₵ 4,000.

Tier 1 semi-finalist will bag GH₵ 10,000 with Tier 2 semi-finalists taken home GH₵ 5,000.

Winners of Tier 1 will be richer by GH₵ 100,000.00 with an additional GH₵ 100,000.00 expected directly to the players. The runner-up in that same Tier will take home GH₵ 50,000.00 with an additional GH₵ 50,000.00 paid directly to the players of the clubs.

Tier 2 winners will also take home GH₵ 75,000.00 with an additional GH₵ 75,000.00 payable to the players directly.

The runner-up in Tier 2 will also pocket GH₵ 40,000.00 with an additional GH₵ 40,000.00 paid directly to the players.

The competition will start on January 26 through to April 2019 with clubs expected to play a minimum of eight matches.