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Give GFA Prez. Kurt Okraku time to work- Mohammed Polo

Published on: 06 June 2020

Legendary Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Polo insists GFA President Kurt Okraku needs time to work, after criticisms from a section of the public. 

Football fans and some club administrators are unhappy with the FA's handling of issues during COVID-19, drawing huge backlash at the President.

However, Polo believes Kurt Okraku is on track and needs time to bring his plans to reality.

“I think is too early to judge him because the work at stake for him is huge and not an easy job as well," he told Bryt FM.

“Though the Ghana Premier League was without a headline sponsor, it was going well until the suspension of football but it is just unfortunate.

“We need to give him ample time to do his work rather than criticizing him. We have to give him the chance to operate and see what he brings on board.

“His time in office now is limited and so why should we criticize him? He quizzed.

“The pull him down will not help us as a country. I think Kurt needs time because he also has what he is bringing on board as Ghana FA president.

“He has a four-year mandate so we should wait for him to go at least three years before we talk about his work but judging him within seven-eight months is not the best."

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