GN DOL ZONE TWO: Samatex P.R.O. Kwasi Mensah blasts Salam Yakubu and Mallam Yahaya; claims they lied over being cheated in Samraboi

Published on: 21 February 2017
GN DOL ZONE TWO: Samatex P.R.O. Kwasi Mensah blasts Salam Yakubu and Mallam Yahaya; claims they lied over being cheated in Samraboi
Mallam Yahaya and New Edubiase United officials.

Public Relations Officer of Division One League side Samatex FC, Kwasi Katakyie Mensah has debunked claims by New Edubiase President Salam Yakubu and Coach Mallam Yahaya that match officials robbed them during their clash in Samraboi last Sunday.

Salam Yakubu and Mallam Yahaya in an interview with Accra-based radio station Happy FM claimed that they played close to 20 minutes additional time after the expiration of the regulation time for the game.

He accused the center referee for the game Samuel Lee of conniving with the fourth official not to show the time after the 90 minutes, compelling the teams to play 10 more minutes before showing an additional time of 6 minutes which also exceeded that.

“Referees are destroying Ghana football. We came to the Division One to make an impact and not to be cheated. How can you allow us to play more than 10 minutes after the 90 minutes and another ten minutes after showing additional time of 6 minutes? Even with the additional time, we had to protest before the fourth official added that,” Salam Yakubu said.

”Referees are those destroying Ghana football. How can a team play more than ten minutes after regulation time before you even show time added on? That is what happened to us,” Mallam Yahaya also claimed.

“After even adding the six minute, the game again lasted for more than ten minutes again. This must call for sanctions for the referees. There was no incident to call for such additional time,” he added.

But Kwasi Mensah says the two gentlemen are lying and are being unfair to the center referee Samuel Lee.

“I am disappointed in Salam Yakubu and Mallam Yahaya for saying the referee wanted to cheat them. How can they concoct such a lie to tarnish the image of the referee? He even ignored our calls for a penalty when a New Edubiase defender handled the ball in the box,” Kwsi said.

“The teams never played 10 minutes before the 6 minutes was shown. That is absolutely untrue. In the 85th minute, New Edubiase goalie George Arthur fouled a Samatex player in a one-v-one situation and was red carded,” he narrated.

“It took New Edubiase seven minutes to get a player to replace the goalie since they had finished with their three mandated substitution. So the referee allowed the teams to finish playing that seven minutes before adding the 6 minutes additional time.”

“Even the additional time of 6 minutes did not elapse and the referee ended the game after 4 minutes of the six. So they should be honest to Ghanaians and desist from the lies,” he added.

Kwasi Mensah advised that club officials must be honest in their comments to help the development of the game.