Great Olympics Director Oloboi Commodore DARES 'cash-strapped' clubs to withdraw from Premier League following several threats of boycott

Published on: 04 July 2016
Great Olympics Director Oloboi Commodore DARES 'cash-strapped' clubs to withdraw from Premier League following several threats of boycott
Techiman City president Charles Ntim

Great Olympics Director Olobio Commodore has thrown a big gauntlets, daring clubs to withdraw from the league if they lack the financial warchest to compete in the hugely demanding Ghanaian top-flight.

The controversial football administrator is incensed with the constant threats of boycott by some Premier League clubs due to lack of sponsorship.

New Edubiase and Techiman City have signaled their intention to pull the plugs on their involvement amid the crippling financial difficulties.

Indeed, Edubiase made a sensational U-turn after announcing their withdrawal from the top-flight last month.

The Bekwai-based side cited lack of financial support as their chief reason.

City have jumped the bandwagon with their latest threat of pulling out of the league over similar claims.

But Great Olympics Director Oloboi Commodore wants clubs who lack the financial capacity to withdraw from the league if they so wishes.

"No team was formed to play in the GPL because there was a sponsorship and the team owners know that, he fumed on Kumasi-based Otec FM

"If the league attract any sponsorship fine that is plus. So if you have no money to run your club, just go in for a loan because if you have plans to play in the league, you should plan for the whole season.

"And I am telling you the league will continue every year with or without any sponsorship.

He added: "Besides, before the start of the season, the sponsors gave a signal that they won't be able to continue because they are restructuring, so why do you worry yourselves whiles you don't have the energy and any financial back capacity to play in the league."

The Ghana Premier League is without a sponsor after First Capital Bank suspended their association with the Ghana FA.

It's unclear what precipitated the action but the bank claimed the measure was necessary as they underwent restructuring.


  • Col. Q
    says: 3 years ago
    In countries with well organized leagues , they have control authorities who control the financial statues of the clubs at the end and beginning of the various seasons! The clubs that don't satisfy the financial conditions ,don't get their licences renewed and are demoted to lower divisions to get their finances etc in order! The GFA should consider adopting such policy to prevent such threats of withdrawing from the league to lack of sponsorship! Ghanaians are always looking for cheap siide, alofole, awoof no get bone opportunities of doing everything! Free electricity, freewater , free transport free "shit house" everything free, who should pay for all these free bonto things??? These club owners now see how it is to cater for a group or club with limited income and no sponsorship! That is what is happening to the Govt when cocoa prices , oil, export income fall and they have to go borrowing to keep the country running!