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Halftime/Full-time combination bets in football - Facts you should know

Published on: 04 October 2017
Halftime/Full-time combination bets in football - Facts you should know
Facts you should know

When considering the worldwide football field, we can compare it to a battlefield of sorts where surprises and shocks await till the last second of the game.

This offers you a window to place wagers in several combinations. You can bet on the halftime results and also what the full-time results are likely to be with sbat betting tips.To win such bets, you must get both parts of the wager right.

Halftime and full-time combinations

If you were to look at halftime/full-time situation for any game, then based on various win-lose-draw combinations, there are nine outcomes to bet on.  This makes the combination of half time/full time almost lethal to get right, and therefore makes for excellent odds.



Let us consider a game between Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, and consider a bet on this game as an example. Let’s say you’re offered odds of 28.00. This would mean that a $10 wager could possibly return as a winning combination with $280. Let us assume you bet that Real Madrid wins at halftime, and then Atletico Madrid wins at full-time. For this to be the winning combination, it would require Real Madrid to be actually winning up until halftime, and then Atletico Madrid to be eventually beating them up at full time. If the game runs on any other permutation, the wager is lost.

Facts you should know
Facts you should know
Varied permutations

Suppose you bet Atletico Madrid to be winning at both halftime and full-time, and suppose it did win in the same sequence against all odds, then clearly yours’ becomes a winning wager. What if you had bet that Real Madrid would pull a draw at half-time, and then Atletico Madrid actually wins at full time? Since the permutations and combinations in this format are many, the odds of a win are clearly high.


When is it an appropriate time to bet half time or full time?

In this type of wager, it’s extremely difficult to make an accurate judgment of the winning outcome. However much you research and analyze the game, it is impossible to predict the result at halftime and at full-time with 100% accuracy.

There is only one secret that you should know. If it is to be truly believed that the favorite team is likely to begin the game well, pick lead in the first half and also win both halves then this type of bet offers great value.


Let us take the above example. If you are confident that Real Madrid will take the lead in the first half and with great ease win the second half too then such a bet stands a great payout.

For example, let’s say we expect Barcelona to win the above game. We’re confident that they’ll beat Atletico Madrid with relative ease, and we expect them to start quickly and go for an early goal.

By simply betting on Real Madrid on money line, let's say you get odds of 2.82. For halftime/full-time combination, you will double your odds to 4.20. This will result in an almost double payout.

It is important that we remember that there are no definitive or applicable rules for these kinds of situations since you will never come across two exactly similar games in the history of football. Just determine the fairest odds against your hunch and bet accordingly.

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