Hearts to set up enhanced merchandising structure

Published on: 20 September 2013
Hearts to set up enhanced merchandising structure
Hearts of Oak chief Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe

Hearts of Oak intend setting up a proper merchandising structure to help boost the club’s finances within the next three years.

The Phobians want to cash in the sale jerseys, flags and other club paraphernalia - sales that usually peak before, during and after (depending on favourable results) big matches as this Sunday's Super Clash against Asante Kotoko.

The club is awaken to the prospect of reaping immense benefits from a structured and regulated sale of its trademark as done with established clubs in Europe.

Ghanain clubs have suffered from this deficiency as many of their registered trademarks are sold on the markets with absolutely no gains to the club.

Managing Director Neil Armstrong Mortagbe says such ‘free market’ is gradually coming to an end as the club looks to put in place a structured merchandising structure to benefit the Hearts.

“I would like to sound a warning to all those who use our registered colours, logos and all that is Hearts of Oak to make money that we don’t intend to spoil anyone’s business but we will have to regulate these activities in the interest of the club,” he said.

“We have not made anything from merchandising over the years and this ought not to be.

“We have to make sure the club is protected and makes something off sales from its registered trademark.”