Henry Wellington reveals why he failed as Hearts of Oak coach

Published on: 06 December 2018

Former Hearts of Oak coach Henry Wellington has disclosed why he failed when in charge of the Rainbow club.

Wellington was named a substantive coach for the club following the sacking of Frank Nuttal.

However, the soft-spoken gaffer failed to extricate the club’s ailing season up until he was axed midway through last term’s campaign.

“Hearts of Oak was not too well during my working days because from the beginning I wasn't given the necessary support to operate and everything was a standstill".

“I will describe my days with the club as a failure.Though, some people knew the work I did and others knew the problems of the club.I won't talk much because that's the nature of the job and I might return someday,” he told Kumasi FM.

He added that player exodus was a factor leading to his failure with the Accra-based giants.

“Most of the players left the club without the rightful replacement. I even played a major role in convincing them to stay for a while, reason why we placed fourth when Frank Nuttal stepped in".