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How Betting in Sweden Works

Published on: 18 March 2023

Online gambling and betting in Sweden are legal which allows several foreign casinos to operate in the Swedish market. The state-owned Svenska Spel used to monopolize online gambling before. However, it finds it hard to compete with other offshore providers these days.

Therefore, if you are interested in betting on soccer or any other sport, you are free to do so. Hence, whether the soccer game in Ghana or any part of the world, you are free to bet. You may visit to know more about Swedish betting sites.

Before anything else, allow us to walk you through how the process of betting in Sweden works. We will also include the betting types that you can use.

Betting Steps in Sweden

Research is the key here. Always visit soccer club websites to find out more about a team you want to put your bet on. You should have an insight into the best players and what other players think about the team. Bet Smart, Win Smart. That's the winning attitude.

Swedish Betting Types

There are many types of betting in Sweden. You can further research each of them to meet your needs. Study each type and learn more about them. Let's take a quick look at how they can work in your favour.


The most common soccer betting is the 1x2 type. It is a straightforward type of betting. If you want to bet on the outcome of the match, you can also bet on a draw. It's that simple.

Over/Under Betting

The next is Over/Under Betting. A bookmaker will set a total number of goals for a match. You will just bet on the total number of goals. So, will it be over? Or will the goal be under that number that is set by the booker?

Asian Handicap Betting

Another exciting betting type is Asian Handicap Betting. This is like the 1x2 betting, plus a handicap number. The number is the underdog's final score. It can also be the favourite's final score. You can bet on either of the two, which is the handicap.

Double Chance Betting

You can also bet on two of the three possible outcomes of a chosen match. This is known as Double Chance Betting. You can bet if the home team will win, or they will draw. Another combination is the way the team will win, or it will draw.

Correct Score Betting

If you are up to a more risky or challenging betting type, you may want to try the correct score betting. This is not for individuals with weak hearts. The rules are simple. You have to bet on the exact score of the match, and if you predict the correct number, you win.

Some notes on betting in Sweden

Always remember that the legal age for online betting in Sweden is 18 years old and above. Because betting is addictive, you should always play responsibly. You will enjoy betting and winning but there are risks of losing money. So, you should play within your capacity. Play smart and bet only on money that you can afford to lose

Do some research on the teams and their players. Consult other soccer pundits or read their team and players' reviews. This way you can maximize the odds of winning and avoid the potential risks of losing.

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