How can Jurgen Klopp replace the injured Sadio Mane for the Manchester United clash and further?

Published on: 13 October 2017
How can Jurgen Klopp replace the injured Sadio Mane for the Manchester United clash and further?
Liverpool v Man Utd: Sadio Mane is out of Anfield clash with hamstring injury

No doubt, it is the ultimate piece of news that the Liverpool fans must have been looking for from the international break!! Well, why not even? The hamstring tear suffered by Sadio Mane on international duty with Senegal has, of course, darkened the environment to a great extent.

Yes! It was quite disturbing that the firm and fast wide man was set to be absent for the next month and almost a half.

Also, the another fantastic player, namely, Adam Lallana, is away for a few weeks as he is not entirely fit and even not played at all this season. And, in such a scenario, Jurgen Klopp has been left with no any option other than pondering over the coming weeks. Isn’t that so?


But, Manchester United has not stopped for anything, and it has finally arrived at Anfield on Saturday. So, Klopp has to play the game very strategically now and as we think there are five options for him to let Liverpool stay on the ground and even beyond.


Want to know how? Then just read ahead!


Way #1: Finally bring Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the front


These weeks have been tough for the internet’s favorite punching bag which is no one but Oxlade-Chamberlain, unfortunately, because of this nature of departure from Arsenal and his ‘not-so-good’ performance in the last matches.


But, the saddening injury of Mane has opened two new opportunities for him. He can either directly play as his replacement in the attack or step into the centre of midfield while allowing Cutinho to move forward.


Way#2: Let Philippe Cutinho go into the attack


Apparently, Brazilian played fabulously in a more deep midfield position in the both last session and beginning of this one. Still, Cutinho must be needed further ahead for the next weeks.


He played well in the first half of the league cup defeat to Leicester. And, we can hope that it might be the same way he will start against the United if Klopp chooses for a bit more rigidity in the midfield.


Way #3: Go for a Diamond Midfield


Klopp is already well-versed with the diamond midfield as he did the same at the end of the last season when both Daniel Sturridge and Divoc Origi both scored well while playing up front at West Ham.


He can go for the same strategy but with Robert Firmino and Mohamed Salah this time while keeping Cutino behind. In doing so, Firmino’s sharp intellect will let him drop into smart spaces, and Salah’s incredible pace will stretch the game flawlessly.


So, hopefully, Mane’s injury ought not to be something to panic too much for you!! The attack against United has a lot of chance of turning out to be a winning episode for Liverpool.


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Way #4: Believe on Ben Woodburn


Although he is not going to even turn to 18 until the end of this month, this could be the right time for the young and vibrant guy to shine. Well, he deserves that even. Hasn’t he been seen in his country’s shirt more this season than his club’s?


Klopp can allow him to play both in midfield or wide left without a second thought. Also, he could be added in the sequence with Cutinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain over the coming weeks. However, the perfect game for him to come in could be the next week’s champions league trip to Maribor.


Way #5: Allow Robert Firmino to go left and elect a ‘real’ No. 9


No doubt, Robert Firmino gave an excellent start to the season, but during the recent weeks, we have seen a deterioration in his performance. And, the trailing off was so much that Klopp decided to leave him on the bench for the trip to Newcastle.


He has given his best for Liverpool football whenever he has played down the middle. But, the recent switch to the left is more likely to accommodate a new forward in the Red’s system, Daniel Sturridge would be the person mostly but can be Dominic Solanke even.


So, whatever recourse Klopp choose to opt for, one thing is assured, and that is you are probably going to watch some enthusiastic matches full of hell lot of exhilaration and thrill!!


Till then three cheers for Liverpool!!