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How Richards got revenge over Ferdinand with 'petty' Man City and Man Utd joke

Published on: 23 September 2022

Micah Richards has opened up on the intense rivalry that exists between Manchester City and Manchester United players.

The former defender spent almost a decade in City's first team and was part of the side that famously won their maiden Premier League title in 2011/12 - at United's expense on the final day of an absorbing season.

That would add fuel to the flames of what was already a bitter cross-city rivalry between the two clubs. Now retired, Richards has spoken of the level of dislike players on either side had for each other - and how he got one over former United centre-back Rio Ferdinand.

Speaking on the latest episode of Sky's A League of Their Own - where he is a regular team member - Richards took a tongue-in-cheek trip down memory lane.

"I didn't really like any United player," he said. "But (especially) it was Rio Ferdinand. We was in a (night)club. He came rolling through with his Premier League medal on and I was just like come on, you're better than that.

"But I was just so petty that then when we won the league (in 2012) I did the exact same thing! And Rio was there as well - I was like f** you!"


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