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How the Internet Has Helped Grassroots Soccer Grow: Making the Local International

Published on: 28 January 2020
How the Internet Has Helped Grassroots Soccer Grow: Making the Local International
Ghana fans

Soccer is the world’s game. Go to virtually any country and you’ll find someone that loves soccer. Of course, many of us already know that intuitively, however, the stats back it up.

According to FIFA, a record 3.5 billion watched the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Add to that the fact that a further 1.1 billion people watched the final via the TV or the internet, and it’s clear the world is in love with soccer.

On a local level, the ongoing affection for the sport has raised awareness. Today, even casual fans are more aware of what’s going on in other countries simply because the game is bigger than it once was. Indeed, a 2018 review by financial firm Deloitte, estimated that European soccer alone is worth $28.7 billion/GH₵162 billion.

With more money pouring in, leagues, clubs, players, and anyone else connected to soccer have increased their profile. This, in turn, has raised awareness of the game at all levels.

Digital Innovations Makes Local Soccer an International Interest

However, the current level of interest in soccer isn’t just because there’s more money in the sport. Today, technology has an important role to play, not only in the growth of the sport, but in it’s survival. And nowhere is this more apparent than at the local level.

Because of the internet, fans in Europe are now interested in what goes on in Asia, North America and, importantly for us, Africa.

Yes, Europe remains soccer’s epicenter - however, in the digital age, the concept of borders and barriers is becoming less prominent. No matter where you are, you can get updates and insights into everything that’s going on in the industry.


Ghana fans
Ghana fans
News sites are obvious sources of information, with major networks such as ESPN now covering soccer in Ghana, it’s hardly surprising that more people are tuning in to see what happens, not just when the national team plays, but the Premier League’s top clubs clash.

However, perhaps the most significant but overlooked contributor to the popularization of soccer is betting. Today, online sports betting is a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s popular around the world.

As you’d expect, the goal of sports bettors is to speculate on the outcome of a game and make some money. However, when you delve into the betting process, you see that it’s about much more than that.

Information Breeds Curiosity and Knowledge

To bet on sport, you need information, and this is where online sportsbooks have blossomed in recent years. At Mr Green Sports, for example, members can get access to thousands of stats via their desktop and mobile.

Indeed, if you read through a review of the company, you’ll find that its software is optimized to work on all devices and provide one-click access to bets, promotions, and even live streams of sporting events.

You can visit 777 Casino offers where you will find the most up to date bonuses for Mr Green Sports as well as over 20 other sportsbook providers. In tandem with these features, members can also review a team’s recent results, player statistics, head-to-head comparisons, and more. And, in line with the notion of a borderless industry, these stats are available for teams around the world.

Therefore, almost by accident, the online sports betting industry’s desire to create more informed bettors has raised the profile of local soccer. Because someone in Europe can now check out stats for Asante Kotoko or Hearts of Oak, for example, overall interest in Ghanaian soccer has increased.

Although the internet may only provide an initial point of access, it’s a start. If leagues, clubs, and players in Ghana can parlay this curiosity into sustained interest, the local sporting scene has the opportunity to grow on an international level.

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