How to find the best online bookies and betting sites in the UK

Published on: 21 February 2019
How to find the best online bookies and betting sites in the UK
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The UK has an abundance of choice when it comes to selecting online bookies and betting sites. There are new sites being opened every month, as well as older bookies providing new services and exclusive offers.

TV ads are full of promotional material about bookies. Many football teams are now affiliated or directly sponsored by betting sites.

This results in being exposed to so many different online bookies and betting sites. It can be difficult to find out which of these sites are the real deal and which ones are poor quality.

There are plenty of high-quality online betting sites in the UK and the pick of them can be found on this website. In this article, we explain the specific features that make best bookies standout from the rest.

Availability of Markets & Sports

 The first key feature that separates the elite bookmakers from the average ones is the number of different sports and markets that they cover. The best bookies will have cover a diverse range of sports with many international leagues included. They will also provide a range of different markets as the different online bookies do. However, bookmakers also have certain specialities. It depends on what the individual is particularly interested in. Some of them may offer a good range of options for football in a specific league while another one may provide excellent markets on all horse races. In general, the best bookmakers have a ton of options, but the eventual choice will depend on your own betting habits.

General Features

 Technology advances have allowed bookies to have an impressive range of features that make the gambling experience accessible and exhilarating. The best bookmakers have features that go beyond the standard, and they remain committed to delivering outstanding features as technology progresses. One key feature is the availability of ‘in-play' markets. These markets allow an individual to place bets in real-time and the best bookmakers will have this feature included. However, not all websites will have effective in-play features. Some will offer limited markets for this, while others will only have the option on during certain times of the game. Another feature is live game tracking. The best bookmakers offer a detailed glance at the action, which many taking advantage of top-level graphics to simulate the live-play. Additionally, the top gambling websites allow you to watch a select number of games through their live streaming features. These can include leagues that feature star players from Ghana that hope to follow in the footsteps of Michael Essien.

Mobile Application

 Most of us will have smartphones and tablets. Many bookmakers offer mobile applications that allow the placing of bets while on the go. However, the features and usability of these applications can vary wildly. The best bookies offer interactive apps that closely resemble the full desktop features. The added bonus of mobile applications is that they offer live notifications so that you can stay updated on the result of a match that you have placed a bet on. Before depositing, you should have a look at the mobile application and check that it runs well on your device. The best gambling websites put a lot of effort into their mobile applications and therefore it is a good gauge of the general quality of any betting website.

Bonus Offers

 The number of options on offer has made the industry extremely competitive. This has led to bookmakers actively competing with one another in order to gain new customers. One of the ways they attempt to differentiate themselves is through bonus offers. New customer offers can be incredibly lucrative, and you should definitely have a look at different bookmakers to see which offers provide the best value. However, it is important to check the fine print, so you know exactly how the offers work. Aside from new customer offers, many bookmakers offer regular bonuses and discounts to normal customers. The type of bonus offered is one way to differentiate reputable bookmakers from the average ones.

Customer Service

 A key aspect of any betting site is the customer service on offer. All good bookmakers should offer an acceptable standard of customer service to resolve issues quickly. However, the best bookmakers go further and offer exclusive live chat to handle concerns and have them dealt with as soon as possible. You should also look at if the bookmaker has a phone number available for queries since some rely solely on a slow online response system. Customer service isn’t usually at the forefront of a potential gambler, but you never know when you may need their assistance.


These are the most important factors to take into account when looking for betting websites in the UK. The level of competition means that bookmakers are always improving and expanding on their features and level of service to make the experience better for the customer.