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How to Find Your Lucky Numbers to Win Lottery

Published on: 14 June 2021
How to Find Your Lucky Numbers to Win Lottery

Can you imagine yourself winning a dream of a lifetime, a jackpot of, let's say, 50,000,000? Participating in a lottery competition offers tremendous achievement or great disappointment if not well prepared.  There are various strategies available in this field to grab the jackpot or lose every penny. Numerology still plays a significant role in determining the lucky numbers for a triumph. Besides, astrology can offer some valuable pointers on the games to be played, the colors to choose from, the Horoscope lucky numbers to be aware of, and the days that favor a win.

However, choosing your lucky numbers from Nighthawks has never been a wise decision to win a lottery. Besides looking for your lucky numbers, you must also avoid the foolish ways to pick a number to put a bet on your fortune. This article provides valuable insights into the popular methods of finding someone's lucky number to win a dreamy jackpot with little luck!

  1. Creating your lucky numbers

According to numerologists, numbers can define our life and what we do. For example, finding our life path number from birthdate is a famous way to select combinations in a lottery. Some people also rely on finding Master numbers, Expression numbers, personality numbers, or the number from the heart's desire to win a lottery. You'll find plenty of techniques out on the internet to generate all these particular numbers.

2. Tracking your Individual Numbers

Keeping track of your number selections from the past lottery session is also popularly known as frequency analysis. If you can compare your past preferences with your current choice, then the chance of winning becomes higher as past analysis can often determine the chances of winning in the future. There is a wide variety of expert opinions on the tracking style of lucky numbers, which has no exact theory. The lottery winners are often found to develop their unique tracking methods to win the lottery.

3. Following your intuition

This method asks you to listen to your inner mind to pick a lucky number for you. This one suggests finding a quiet place and selecting numbers randomly without any judgment. Then, note the numbers and write them down until your mind is satisfied.

4. Choosing a previous winning combination

One of the popular trends in the lottery industry is to choose a winning combination from a previous game in the same area or different states/countries. Often, people modify these numbers in the hope of victory. The list of last winning numbers is easily found on the state websites. However, experts disagree with this strategy as most people go for them, reducing the odds of winning.

5. Going for Hot or Cold Numbers

The repeated numbers in lotteries are often called hot numbers, and many people usually go for these combinations. In contrast, another group of people goes in the opposite direction to pick the less popular numbers and consider them to be winning numbers. Therefore, it is always best to choose a combination of these hot and cold numbers as per the specialists. However, people also go for a mixture of hot, cold, and individual lucky numbers to add an edge over winning jackpots!

6. Picking a Popular/Traditional Number

The chance of winning following a traditionally lucky number is also frequent among a mass number of people. Traditionally popular lucky numbers vary from country to country. For instance, Seven is considered the most famous number worldwide, while the number three is also popular for asking for three wishes.

7. Determining lucky number from Horoscope

Despite worldwide skepticism and doubt, Zodiac signs and the Horoscope still amazes people with specific lucky numbers to spin the wheel of luck. You can pick your lucky number from these horoscopes if you believe in the power of stars and design your lucky number according to that. Apart from western astrology, Chinese Horoscopes also feature different symbols and numbers for different birth years.

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