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How To Pick The Best CBD Oil For You

Published on: 10 April 2020
How To Pick The Best CBD Oil For You

Choosing the Right CBD Oil

Due to the growth of the cannabis sector, there is a wide selection of CBD oils currently available on the market. A lot of people become confused and experience difficulty choosing the right oil for their specific needs. The most important considerations are defined below.

The Concentration

CBD oil is available in capsules and liquid drops with different concentrations. You will find the amount of CBD contained in the product on the label. The amount can be listed as milligrams or as a percentage. The higher the dosage, the more pronounced the effect. Beginners should start with a lower concentration. You will find an excellent dosing guide at

The Types of CBD Oils

The two key types of CBD oil are CBD isolates and full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD contains CBD in addition to many active compounds. CBD isolate is made using almost completely pure CBD crystals or isolates. Both types offer numerous potential benefits including pain relief and anti-inflammation properties. The best way to determine which type of CBD is best suited for your needs is through trial and error.

CBD isolate is recommended if you are sensitive to THC, reside in a state with strict laws regarding THC or take drug tests on a regular basis for your job. Isolates also add a light flavor to your cooking. Full-spectrum is recommended for targeting a specific issue in states where cannabis has been legalized. Your best option is determining which type of CBD works best for your specific needs.

CBD Oils

CBD oils offer a lot of versatility. You can apply them directly to your skin, consume them sublingually or use them for cooking. When you use the oil directly beneath your tongue, you will feel the effect throughout your entire body. Oils are very easy to use, and the dosage can be customized. You may or may not enjoy the taste of the oil. Oils are not a good choice if you want to carry CBD with you.

The Extraction Process

The final product is partially determined by the extraction process used. CBD oil is extracted when pressure is applied to the plant. Once the oils have been excreted, they are bottled and sold. One of the differences between a low and high-quality CBD oil is the type of extraction process used. If heat is used for the extraction, the process requires the use of butane.

Butane contains chemicals that will affect the CBD oil. A chemical reaction will result when aromatic chemicals are used for the extraction process. This will change the genetic profile of the CBD. The best extraction process is believed to be a CO2 extraction followed by food-grade ethanol. Both of these methods use all-natural solvents.

This means all of the terpenes and cannabinoids in the CBD remain intact because no foreign substances are necessary for the extraction process. The cannabinoids will not be diluted due to the extraction.

Hemp Growing Standards

Many of the CBD products available were manufactured using low-quality hemp. Some of them contain foreign chemicals. The chemicals are used to kill pests in the crops. Hemp will soak up everything in the surrounding soil. To ensure the hemp is safe, hemp growing standards have been established. Your best option is finding out what type of hemp was used, and if the hemp growing standards were followed by the manufacturer.

The Sourcing

Whenever possible, CBD products should be purchased from hemp grown in the United States. The majority of products available are compliant with the Farm Bill. CBD products are affected by numerous environmental factors including the climate and the pH of the soil. Prior to purchasing any product. you should find out where the products were sourced from. When the source is in the United States, the CBD products are much higher quality.

THC Levels

If you are required to take drug tests on a regular basis, the THC level is extremely important. The majority of CBD oil available contains 0.3 percent CBD or less. THC is the psychoactive compound of the plant. If you do not make certain the THC level is below 0.3 percent, you may fail your drug test. This information should be located on the label or packaging of the product.

Accreditations of the Lab

To ensure the CBD oil you purchase is both effective and reliable, make certain an accredited lab has been used for the testing. Stay away from any CBD oil containing even the smallest amount of potentially dangerous ingredients such as pesticides, bacteria or heavy metals. Many CBD oils provide a written guarantee the product does not contain any of these dangerous elements.

The Pricing

Many individuals purchase CBD oil according to price, but this is not effective. Many of the cheaper products are manufactured overseas using low-quality hemp, chemicals and less unsafe extraction processes. The majority of the more expensive CBD oils are high-quality, more effective and last longer. Purchasing a cheap product may not only be bad for your health, but it may also cost you more in the long run.

The Best CBD Oils

There is no single CBD oil that is ideal for everyone. This does not mean one product is necessarily better than another. You may have a different reaction to each oil based on all of the factors explained above. Your best option is choosing a high-quality product, starting with a low dose and increasing your dosage gradually until you achieve the effects your are interested in.

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