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"I don't know who runs Guardiola's political brain"

Published on: 18 June 2020

Former Spanish goalkeeper Santiago Cañizares has spoken about the surprising change to the current Manchester City manager, something he can't understand.

Santiago Cañizares has had a long talk with Míster Chip on Twitter, in which he has talked about his entire sporting career and explained why he terminated his contract with Valencia. In addition, the former goalkeeper praised the ability of Real Madrid to win in decisive duels, and openly criticised Pep Guardiola's political message.

On Guardiola: "I remember back in '92 that Guardiola spoke to us about politics in a very moderate way. We could even joke about it with affection. It was all anecdotal the way we were talking about politics. If someone was from the other extreme it didn't matter, there was only teasing.

“My experience with Pep is like that. There was talk of politics with pleasure, nothing to do with the history that is there now, whether Guardiola is involved or not. Now everything is disgusting, we no longer tolerate each other.

“He said that he was in love with Catalonia. I have never seen him uncomfortable in the [Spanish] national team, neither him nor anyone else. I have only seen Oleguer go and talk to Luis Aragonés, asking him not to take him any more, as he didn’t want to go. He is the only one that dared to say it. I never saw that in Guardiola - he was always delighted at all the call-ups for the national team. Once we ended up crying after we [Spain] lost. I have never seen him go against the national team."

Guardiola out of team chat

"I don't know what happened to him, I have lost contact with him. All of us that were in the Olympics have a chat group, well, all but one: Pep Guardiola.

“Probably because he is the most famous now, so I am not criticising him for not being in the chat, I understand that he has a lot of stress and he doesn’t need to waste his time. There is Luis Enrique, Abelardo... But he is not there.

"I feel very bad when he speaks ill of Spain. I have been with him in the national team and we cried when we were eliminated in Boston. I don’t know when his brain was transformed.

“Before you could discuss politics, tease, and even enjoy yourself. We are no longer able to criticise. At what point did Guardiola change? What need does he have to do that? He does not have that heart, he is not a bad boy. I do not know who runs his political brain, I don’t understand it."


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