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I will merge with one of the candidates if I'm the president- Amanda Clinton

Published on: 15 October 2019

Ghana Football Association Presidential hopeful Amanda Clinton has disclosed that she will be ready to merge with another candidate only if she is still contesting for the top job. 

Ms. Clinton, the only female contesting for the FA presidency in an interview with Kumasi based radio station, Sikka FM revealed the idea of merging is welcoming.

However, that decision will be made only if she maintain her position as President.

"Of course I will merge with one of the candidates if I'm the president and the person is the vice," she told Sikka Sports.

Amanda Clinton is confident of being voted as the next president despite being relatively unknown in the footballing circles.

The astute lawyer indicated that if she does not win the GFA President then it means the delegates are satisfied with monies lost from the previous administration.

"I think the end decision will tell you the consensus of the delegates, if they reject me it means they are happy about the money that were lost," she said.

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