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31 feedback

Varun Sharma Beginner

In my opinion, this bookmaker stands out among the top 10 bookies worldwide. They’ve got great odds, customer care team is always available, and their site works really smooth and fast. Would highly recommend

07.05.2024 pm31 16:32
Rajat Sharma Beginner

I really respect a bookmaker that respects their customers. Dafabet shows us respect by giving us amazing bonuses and odds, but most importantly, they are always available to solve the issues that I contact them about. Keep up the good work!

05.11.2023 pm30 16:55
Dion Wintheiser Beginner

Now the new website and mobile app are in line with what I dreamed of.

I’ve been playing here for a long time.

27.05.2022 pm31 16:21
Karthik Patel Beginner

What makes this bookmaker different from my past bookies is that they arent good at only 1 thing. Dafabet has the good odds, but they also have an amazing site and a good customer support team

07.05.2024 pm31 16:30
Ishan Rawat Beginner

Dafabet is definitely among the top bookmakers, i really like the way they’ve built their site, its really fast and organized pretty well. I also really like the variety of sports they have, i never get bored betting here

24.04.2024 pm30 23:27
Rahul Malik Beginner

Even though Dafabet’s app has some issues with the withdrawals, the bookie itself is working quite well. Also, theyve got awesome promos that will surely satisfy many gamblers. Give it a try its worth it

08.03.2024 pm31 21:56
Abhishek Sharma Beginner

Dafabet is excellent and i really appreciate the care and attention they provide to their customers. I feel like a VIP everytime i bet her or contact them. I think Dafabet is one of India’s best bookmakers and i think ill be betting here for a long time

03.12.2023 pm31 13:34
Mohan Mathur Beginner

If you wanna enjoy smooth betting, Dafabet is your bookie. These guys are the reason why I have been happily betting for the last 6 months without getting me on my nerves. I really like their UI and how fast everything is done. Even the withdrawals are processed quickly, everything is almost instant!

03.12.2023 pm31 13:27
Kwabena Amankwah Beginner

This bookie is amazing. I usually receive my money on time, and ive rarely had problems with the withdrawals, and when i do hadissues with the cashouts, the customer care sorted it out pretty well. Hats of to Dafabet for creating an amazing bookie with an amazing cutomer support

28.10.2023 pm31 22:26
Rajiv Shah Beginner

I think Dafabet is very good, especially because theyre one of the few bookmaker who have both good odds and good bonuses. They have an amazing site with everything that i need. Great job guys, keep it up

11.03.2024 pm31 18:01
Yuvraj Malhotra Beginner

I have wagered with many bookmakers, but Dafabet is the only one which is trust my money with. I have bee betting here for 4 years, and my withdrawals have always been on time and ive never experienced any issues regarding the transactions

12.02.2024 pm29 21:21
Shashank Choudhary Beginner

Ive been betting here for more than a year, and i only have positif stuff to say about Dafabet. Customer service is excellent, theyre super fast and reliable, other than that, the odds are good too

04.03.2024 am31 11:33
Vedika Nair Beginner

Dafabet can be considered a reliable bookmaker. They have almost everything we need, and the odds are fine too. Also, their site work pretty smoothly so theres nothing to complain about

01.03.2024 pm31 14:24
Deepak Mehta Beginner

Dafabet has never disappointed me. As a bettor, i look for good customer support, fair odds, and safe withdarawals and Dafabet has exactly those. I would highly recommend this bookie to all of you

11.02.2024 pm29 15:58
Tejas Verma Beginner

I have been wagering here for a very long time and theres a reason for that. They treat their users like VIPs, while other bookmakers scam their users. The standards are much higher here, everything is really well done

08.02.2024 pm29 16:30
Abhinay Patel Beginner

Im still new at Dafabet but im still going to right a review. I think for now they’re a 4+ stars cz they’re really reliable. Their site is very organized and easy to navigate which has made my betting experience much better

15.01.2024 am31 11:02
Waheeda Iyer Beginner

This betting platform gives us lots of chances to win free bets and i really like that. Also, the minimum withdrawals amount is pretty good, and the time it takes for the withdrawals to be processed are really short

09.01.2024 pm31 12:51
Shivansh Rajput Beginner

Dafabet’s customer support isnt that good, but other than that they’ve got everything pretty good. Their site is one of the fastest and smoothest ive ever seen, and its fun to bet here. I just hope they improve their customer support, other than that they’re really good

25.12.2023 pm31 22:14
Rishabh Yadav Beginner

I think they offer amazing odds and bonuses which really increase my winnings, and i think every gambler should bet here if they want to win big. But, the interface is abit complicated and navigation can be difficult sometimes. So i think this is better for more experienced bettors

04.11.2023 pm30 15:13
Siddharth Agarwal Beginner

I dont think I have anything negative to say about Dafabet. I asked to withdraw my money and it was in my account after about 24 hours. So the withdrawals are safe and fast, and I think most gamblers want to make sure they can get their money. So as a bettor, I think Dafabet is a reliable site

28.10.2023 pm31 22:23
Ben Rutherford Punter

I would also say that this site is very honest and there are no problems with the earnings

22.04.2022 pm30 13:11
Abhinay Joshi Beginner

This is one of the most trustworthy and reliable bookmakers that i have tried. I deposied a large amount, and it was processed smoothly. The withdrawal was even faster. I had won a huge amount and im glad that they let me withdraw it so easily. You won a loyal customer!

10.12.2023 pm31 12:47
Sanjay Patel Beginner

I became a loyal customer at Dafabet when their customer support team really helped with my withdrawal. Even though there was an issue, their customer support was great, and i truly appreciate the work they do to help their customers

25.11.2023 pm30 21:35
Udayan Singh Beginner

Dafabet is not a scam but they have nothing to offer us. The odds are never in my favor and i always find myself losing alot of money cz the odds are really bad. The odds arent the only problem tho, its also the lack of different betting markets, they make us bet only one certain types, which can get boring pretty quickly. Losing all the time and playing with the same betting markets c an get boring real quick

09.02.2024 am29 09:37
Ashok Rawat Beginner

Dafabet can be really annoying sometimes. The problem with this bookmaker is that there are random issues with the app, like when im just about to pkace my bet, the site crashes. I contacted their support team about this but it was of no use, they werent able to do anything about it. If Dafabet fixes these problems i might consider betting here again, but for now i wouldnt

29.03.2024 pm31 19:20
Naveen Bhat Beginner

Dafabet really disappointed me, some of my friends hyped it up, but in my opinion, it was garbage. Their customer service team is really bad, and they’re not responsive at all. I had issues with the withdrawals, but their customer support didnt solve anything, so…whats the point if i cant withdraw my money? I think they need serious work, cz i wont bet here unless these issues are fixed. Really annoying bookmaker, and all i can say is i hope they fix these issues

04.11.2023 pm30 15:42
Rajiv Bhatia Beginner

Dafabet is very bad, why would ayone choose to continue betting here. I wagered here for 2 weeks and it was disaster. First of all, customer service is horrible here. They are almost never available, if you get a “hello” message, its your lucky day. They are very bad at solving anything. Another issue is that the site has some delays. Im not sure wy that happens but its slow and annoying

04.03.2024 am31 11:02
Mohit Rao Beginner

I think Dafabet isnt the best option for most of us. They do no have what it takes to compete with other bookmakers cz they’re usually inferior from every aspect. Take the bonuses for example, i have seen much better bonuses at some mediocre bookies, basically Dafabet has worse options that a mediocre bookie and i dont think any gambler would wish to bet with such a bookie

09.01.2024 am31 10:55
Harshvardhan Sharma Beginner

Take my advice and do not bet here. After betting at other bookmakers, I realized how mediocre this bookie is. They are usually inferior in terms of odds, I realized that the odds were usually against me, and im winning way more and easier at bookmakers. In terms of customer support they are lacking alot, they do not care if your queries are answered or issues fixed, they simply get paid and ghost you. Tbh we as customers deserve much better, and that is why im betting with other bookmakers

03.12.2023 pm31 13:53
Vishal Reddy Beginner

Dafabet is a really bad bookie, i dont think any gambler who knows what theyre doing keeps betting here. The odds are garbage here, same with the promos, theres no way anyone walks away with a profit from here. Thier customer support team is also bad, its like they dont even know what theyre doing, they dont answer your questions properly and are pretty much useless

12.05.2024 pm31 15:58
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