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What is an Advancebet (Trust Bids)? What are the terms and conditions for this offer? How can one use it, bet and benefit? We will answer those questions in this article, review 1xBet Advancebet for the Indian market, and provide information on the basics behind this bonus. Interested in other bonuses? See our Full 1xBet Bonus Review for Indian players.

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What is Advancebet in 1xBet?

What is Advancebet in 1xBet

Imagine a situation when you have placed several bets (unsettled), and some money is still available on your balance. What can you do? Well, the bookmaker will offer you extra bet funds so that you can make your wagering experience even more exciting.

How Does 1xBet Advancebet Work?

1xBet Advancebet works for cases when bettors already have pending stakes (unsettled yet). With this bonus, you can do extra wagering and receive more money. You combine stakes with your initial bets and receive winnings depending on the outcome of your wagers. Let’s take a look at three scenarios.

  1. Your initial bets have been lost, but your Advance bet is successful. Here, your bonus bets will become void, and you will receive only your funds combined with the bookie’s funds.
  2. Your initial bets have won, but your Advance bet lost. Here, you will receive your winnings plus your funds. The Trust Bid funds will be deducted.
  3. You lost all your bets. You will lose all funds here, and the bookie will return nothing.

As you can see, there are some tricky nuances that you should know to avoid any confusion. Before claiming the Advancebet, check out some general terms and conditions for this promo opportunity.

Place Bets With 1xBet Advancebet!

1xBet Terms and Conditions

To benefit from this feature, you should have an active account. This promotion refers only to bets you place on live events and fixtures starting within 48 hours. 1xBet considers an Advance bet per your potential returns from your initial unsettled bets. If the return from your stakes made before Advancebet does not cover the Trust Bid amount, the bookie will consider the latter void. According to the rules, a deposit cannot cover Trust Bid if made before claiming the promotion.

What Can I Do With 1xBet Advancebet Feature?

1xBet Trust Bid suggests placing additional bets online and receiving winnings with the bookmaker’s funds. In other words, you continue playing even if your initial available balance is not enough for you.

Final Verdict

1xBet Advancebet is a good opportunity for punters to add extra funds to their remaining bets and increase the portion of their winnings. The bookmaker encourages customers to bet more. There is a risk factor, but the reward will be higher if you consider claiming this offer.


When can I use Advancebet in 1xBet?

You can use Trust Bids once you place stakes that are in progress. Advancebets can be used for live events and events starting in 48 hours.

How can I find out my Advancebet amount?

You can see the Trust Bids amount on your slip. Click on the events you are willing to bet on, and you will see the “Available Advancebet” icon on your coupon. Click, and the bookmaker will show you the amount.

With what type of bet can I use 1xBet Advancebet?

There are no limitations to the bet types. As mentioned, you should place bets on live matches or any event starting within 48 hours.

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