How to Find Out My 1xBet ID Number

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If you have already found an excellent bookmaker to make money with, the first step towards fun and entertainment is the registration process. As long as it will provide you with all the benefits of having a 1xBet account, we will discuss one of the most important components of that particular procedure – the 1xBet ID number. Reading the following article, you will figure out how to find that feature and get detailed information related to that question.

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What is the 1xBet ID?

1xbet id

Once you sign up on 1xBet’s website and create a new account, you will get a Customer ID or simply ID, which consists of ten digits. Basically, it’s an account number assigned to the bettors that play a crucial role in further projecting their betting experience. Specifically, it can be used for various purposes, such as

  1. Logging into your personal cabinet without using your mobile phone or email,
  2. Making financial transactions via terminals,
  3. Being identified by the support service while contacting them,
  4. Being authorized by 1xBet in the case of betting issues

As long as we can clearly see the benefits and advantages of a 1xBet ID number, it’s important to save and remember it. Nevertheless, in case you lose it, we are here to help and provide you with your further steps.

What to Do if You Lost Your 1xBet login and ID?

Considering the high possibility of losing the 1xBet ID number, we will discuss the methods to restore it. You must enter your personal cabinet and click on the “Personal details” section. Afterwards, try to find the line including “Account Number“. It will present you with a ten-digit set of your ID number. So, you encountered and solved the problem.

But what if you don’t remember the login name and the ID number at the same time? This situation supposes two solutions – restore your password via your mobile phone or email. Anyway, be attentive; if your mobile phone number has been changed or your email has been locked, it would be impossible to restore your login name.

Let’s discuss another situation when you want to know your ID number without access to your personal cabinet.

How to Find Out Your 1xBet ID?

how to find uour 1xbet id

In this particular situation, you can contact the support team via hotline, email, or live chat. Note that SMS chat isn’t workable in this case. In the following header, we will present you with detailed information you need to know about it.

How Do I Get My 1xBet ID Via Email?

Firstly, to figure the email address out, go to the “Information” section and choose “Contacts“. There are different emails for each kind of inquiry. You need to contact the security department by mail address [email protected]. Afterwards, write an email with the subject field of “I forgot my 1xBet ID number”. In the main field, describe the situation in detail, and send them a message including some of your personal data to identify yourself. Then, ask them to help you in figuring out/restoring your number.

Another method of contacting the support service for your inquiry is the phone number. Below, you can read and learn the necessary information about it.

How to Find Out 1xbet ID by Phone Number?

To find the contact details of 1xBet, you should repeat the same procedure for the email address. Specifically, you need to visit the “Information” section and choose “Contacts“. The hotline provided by 1xBet is 000 800 919-02-66. While calling them, try to state your issue and send them the necessary documents.

Moreover, some additional information can also be needed.

To continue, we provide you with another way of contacting 1xBet representatives and presenting your problem. Here it is.

How to Find Out Your 1xBet ID in Online Chat?

This method isn’t much different from contacting the support service via email as long as you describe the existing problems and send them supporting and identification documents. The quick and quality answer mainly depends on the documents you send. Basically, you need to prove your identity and convince them that you are the owner of the 1xBet account.

You may also encounter other problems, such as having a frozen or deleted account. What to do in this case? In the following header, we will introduce you to the necessary information.

How Do I Recover My 1xBet ID?

It’s always complicated to restore your 1xBet number when your account is blocked. The only way is to contact the support team via email, mobile phone, or live chat. Bear in mind that the possibility of getting a negative answer is pretty high. The bookmaker may support you and give you a second chance to access your personal cabinet in case of minor issues, such as a frozen account. Furthermore, with a disabled account, everything is way more difficult. We suggest the customers request a right to re-register and have a new account. Overall, everything depends on the bookmaker.

1xBet Betting Opportunities

As long as we have already discussed one of the most important components of the registration process, let’s look at 1xBet’s gambling opportunities and available games. The gambling operator provides two massive betting lines and categories – sports and eSports. Therefore, it would be a perfect match for sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, both in-play and pre-match betting areas are at your disposal. In addition, the promotion market is also quite generous, including First Deposit Bonus.

Overall, 1xBet provides bettors with a comprehensive, fair, top-quality, and thrilling gambling market.

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Based on the information discussed above, we want to mention the great importance of 1xBet’s ten-digit set in conducting several functions again. It usually appears while registering; however, you can also figure it out in your personal cabinet’s settings. Also, you can figure it out by contacting the customer support service via email, hotline, and live chat. Keep in mind that, in this case, supporting documents may be needed. In the case of frozen/deleted personal cabinets, the number restoration would be a complicated task.

In conclusion, we want to state the promising prospect of the 1xBet ID card in making your betting experience much easier and quicker.

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