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1xBet is a globally known gambling platform with multiple products and services. This article introduces how people can easily log in to 1xBet and enjoy various sports and casino games. The official website URL for 1xBet India is www.1xbet.in. 1xBet offers its services in multiple products – a website, 1xBet mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and a mobile version of the website. That makes access to the website very simple and easy. Signing an account and logging in to 1xBet is also made super easy. Let’s now go deep into details.

Log Into 1xBet Account!

How to Log Into 1xBet India?

To log in to www.1xbet.in, you must have an already registered account on the website. If not, make sure; after, you can log in easily.

To login to the website, you need first to open the website, click on the “Login” button, input your login (or ID, phone number) and password and again click on “Login”. There’s no difficulty in quickly logging in to the website.

You can also log in to the website via your Google and/or Telegram by clicking on the icons on the login page and start placing bets!

The website is also available in English version for international players.

Log into 1xBet on the Mobile App

1xBet Android Login

To log in to the 1xBet Android application, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the app and click on the login button on the top left side

click on the login button

Step 2: Type in your email address, username, or phone number (the one you used when registering the account)

Type in your email address, username, or phone number

Step 3: Type in your password

Type in your password

Step 4: Click on the “Login” button, and you will enter the application

Click on the Login button

Log into 1xBet Android Account!

1xBet iOS Login

To log in to the 1xBet iOS application, you should undertake the following steps:

Step 1: Open the app and click on the login button on the top left side

click on the login button

Step 2: Type in your email address, username, or phone number (the one you used when registering yourself)

Type in your email address, username, or phone number

Step 3: Type in your password

Type in your password

Step 4: Click on the blue “Login” button, and you will enter the application

Click on the blue Login button

1xBet allows you to log in via your Google regarding mobile applications (iOS and Android). So, you can use this option, too.

Log into 1xBet iOS Account!

Why Can’t I Log in to My 1xBet Account?

If you cannot log in to your 1xBet account, please re-check your email address, username, and phone number and see whether it is correct. Make sure to check your password correctness, as well. Also, pay attention to your internet stability and ensure you’re online. If you forgot your password, you could simply click on the “Forgot your password” link on the login page and recover your password.

If both are correct, please go ahead and clear the caches of your browser, restart your device and try again.

If all the above-mentioned steps don’t work, please carefully read the error message that you receive when trying to login. If steps are mentioned in the error message, please follow them and see the results. If not, make sure to reach out to the customer support team, which is online 24/7, and they’ll assist you with the problem. Here’s the email address of the customer support team – [email protected].

How to Retrieve my 1xBet App Account?

Now, let’s figure out how to bring your account back. To retrieve your 1xBet account, you still need to remember some information about your account, like your email address or phone number used when registering on the website.

After clicking the “Login” button, you will see the “Forgot your password?” option. Afterward, the system sends you a password recovery link where you can set up a new password. Click on this link, and the system will open a new pop-up where you can recover your account via a phone number or email. Finally, hereafter just continues logging in with that password.

Easy Registration Guide At 1xBet In Four Steps

The registration process is as smooth as the login process in 1xBet India. Here are the steps you need to follow for registration:

  1.  Click on the registration button.
  2.  Select the country and the currency, and provide a promo code (if available)
  3.  Click on the register button.
  4.  Save your username and password, and it’s completed!

You can save your username and password in two formats: a file and a picture. Click on the link to see the 1xBet Full Registration Guide.

Register at 1xBet!

1xBet Bonuses 2022

1xBet offers various bonuses and promotions for customers. The bookmaker offers both Sportsbook and Casino bonuses. The bonuses include a Welcome package, Spin tournaments, World cup, Champions League, Casino VIP cashback, The International 2022, Accumulator battle, etc.

The welcome offer is a customer’s favorite bonus. To have it, you only need to register an account in the system and make the first deposit, and the bonus will automatically be credited to your account. Before depositing into their account, you must agree to receive a sportsbook or casino bonus either on the ‘Account Setting page in the Account section or directly on the ‘Deposit’ page.

1xBet pays detailed attention to bonuses and knows how important it is for the gamblers and that they appreciate every bonus/promotion opportunity. See in our full review all 1xBet Bonuses.

Mobile Betting Bonus Code

Currently, 1xBet doesn’t offer any bonus for downloading mobile applications. However, the same bonuses available in the 1xBet web version are available in mobile apps.

Get Your 1xBet Bonus!


1xBet cares about the comfort of its players. The bookmaker pays detailed attention to UX usability and makes every part of the website accessible and usable.

Overall, the login section is made so you can access different information sources to access the website. It can be your phone number, email address, or your username on the website. Logging in shouldn’t cause any issues or discomfort to the players, and it should be very smooth. Recovering the account is also made super easy so that you don’t have to create multiple accounts now and then and can continue with your initial one.


How do I bet on 1xBet?

Open the sports section, and choose their favorite game, tournament, and market. Then add the game to their bet slip and place a bet. The players must have a verified online account to place a bet.

Does 1xBet have a cash out option?

Yes! 1xBet does offer a cash-out option.

Does 1xBet give a bonus?

Yes! 1xBet has a wide variety of bonuses and promotions sections.

How do I find my 1xBet user ID?

When registering your account, the system offers two options to save the user credentials as a file and a picture. You can save the credentials in both ways. To have access to the credentials, you don’t have to be online, so you can take a look at them from everywhere.

How to verify my 1xBet account?

You can verify your account by email, phone number, and Telegram.

Why do I see sessions have expired when I open the 1xBet app?

Session expired error messages can appear in multiple scenarios. You need to check your internet connection stability and try again. Or update the app, uninstall/reinstall it.

Contact the support team anytime if you still face the same issue, and nothing helps. Here’s the email for the support team – [email protected]. You can address your questions to the support team in English, as well.

How do I recover my 1xBet ID?

To recover 1xBet ID, you need to click on the Login button, provide the email address and/or the phone number that you used when registering, click on the “Forget password” and you can recover your ID.

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