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Being a trustworthy and secure platform 1xBet offers a two-factor authentication code option, which provides accounts and all customers’ safety. Switching a two-factor authentication code on your 1xBet account requires a few minutes. After it, your 1xBet account will not accept unauthorized access.

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1xBet Two-Factor Authentication – How Does it Work?

1xBet Two-Factor Authentication

After switching the authentication on your 1xBet account, you must use a digit-code other than a password to log in and have access to 1xBet your account. This code is a great way to protect your 1xBet account from being stolen by hackers. If anyone knows your 1xBet password, anyway, he can’t use your 1xBet account without entering a protection key code.

How to Enable Google Authenticator on 1xbet?

To enable Google Authenticator on 1xBet, you must follow the guide we have prepared for you below:

Step 1: First, log in to your 1xBet account.

log in to your account

Step 2: Head to the My Account menu.

Head to the My Account menu

Step 3: Tap on Personal Profile from the 1xBet menu list, then pick Security.

pick Security.

Step 4: Click on Enable on the protection banner.

Click on Enable on the protection banner.

Step 5: Instal the Google Authentication app.

Instal the Google Authentication app

Step 6: Scan the QR code and digit code from the app.

Scan the QR code and digit code from the app

Google Authenticator can be used to make you feel safe with 1xBet. You can also install Google Authentication apps from the App Store and activate them to gain authentication even if you are using Safari.

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How to Log Into 1xBet Without Google Authenticator?

If you wish to log in to your 1xBet account without the Authenticator key code, simply head to your 1xBet account and from the Security settings menu, pick Two-Factor Authentication and tap on Disable․ Note that you can switch it on any time you want by tapping on re-enable in the Two-Factor Authentication tab.

Why Does 1xbet Offer Google Authenticator?

1xBet offers the best way of protecting its customers from possible hacks. Google Authenticator is the easiest and most effective method for protecting your 1xBet account. This data-protecting mobile application is essential for your betting account as it contains information about your banking accounts and personal details. Google Authenticator gives stronger login security for 1xBet punters.

Problems With 1xbet Authenticator Code

Though 1xBet suggests the best protector for your account, there can be problems if you forget your Google Authenticator secret verification key code or lose your phone. In both mentioned cases, you will not be able to use your 1xBet account. So you can contact the 1xBet support team and ask them to remove your account or give you an opportunity to open a new one.

1xbet Google Authenticator Code Recovery

1xbet Google Authenticator Code Recovery

If you have lost your phone but have your password’s copy, then follow the steps below to have access to your Google Authenticator and recover your password:

Step 1: Download Google Authenticator on your new phone.

Step 2: Tap on Enter Key.

Step 3: Manually provide the passcode you have copied before.

In case of forgetting the Google Authenticator password, you should try connecting Google support team and ask for a new password to have access to your Google authenticator. They will provide you with a newly generated key code.

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Google Authenticator is the best protection for your 1xBet account. Switching it on your account takes a few minutes and doesn’t require much effort. This option keeps your accounts away from possible hacks, so don’t hesitate and switch to two-factor protection to feel more protected and save with 1xBet.


What should I do if I lose the Google Authenticator code for 1xbet?

If you forgot google authenticator code, you will be unable to scan the QR code via a special scanner or recover it. To disable Google authenticator, log in to your account and tap on Disable in the Two-Factor Authentication section.

How to disable Google Authenticator for 1xbet?

To disable Google Authenticator for 1xBet, sign in to your account, go to My Account, pick Security then Settings and navigate to the Two-Factor Authentication page. Here you will see a button named Disable. Confirm your action by clicking on the button.

What should I do if I receive an “Invalid Verification Code” message?

If you have received an error message saying “Invalid Verification Code” or an incorrect password, ensure you have entered a true password and try re-entering it. If you verify the secret key code is still indicated as an invalid one, email the customer care team and issue them to recover your password so that you can restore your account.

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