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In this review, Bet365 bets disappeared, Bookmakers Ratings outlines the reasons why the Bet365 site and its mobile app are possible causes for this issue. In addition, you will learn potential explanations for why the bookmaker application may fail to work properly, potential solutions to problems, and speedy efficient methods for regaining access to the Bet365 platform.

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Top Reasons Why Bet365 is Not Showing Your Bets

Bet365 My Bets Disappeared

There are several issues with betting that may be connected to the online bookmaker or the user. Many clients encounter the issue when Bet365 bets vanish(disappear) or cannot reach the website at all. Determine why you need access to the bookmaker portal. Typical issues include:

  • Incorrect URL
  • Internet instability
  • Maintenance
  • Network difficulties
  • Mismatch of gadget minimum system requirements

Problems have numerous causes. The bettor must solve them to access his account and gamble swiftly. Please restart your computer and verify its date and time. Also, clean the cache in the settings. Usually, mistakes in entering the registered details when you log in result in access denial. Ensure all is correct.

This article discusses why the betting site doesn’t work and how to fix it.

Server Connectivity Issues

DNS server issue: Though rare, this condition can cause major issues. First, make sure the website is working, your account isn’t banned, and your network connection is solid. The user must insert static DNS servers into the system settings instead of utilizing the providers:

  1. Press Win + R and type ncpa. cpl;
  2. Network Connections opens;
  3. Right-click the active connection and select Properties; click Components;
  4. Use the following DNS server addresses in TCP / IPv4 and enter or as DNS;
  5. Restart after saving settings.

To deal with the issue on the phone, you need to proceed to WiFi, select the network in use and specify the DNS configurations. Select ‘Manual’ and insert or DNS servers manually.

Hosting Issues

All the services are hosted on servers. Independent hosting firms frequently offer these services. If the betting site is unavailable, the server could be the one to blame. For instance, the line is undergoing technical maintenance, or the cable has failed. Let’s examine some further issues with the host:

  • The server is the target of a DDoS attack caused by the intrusion
  • Damaged hardware
  • Lost electricity power, and other factors

Customers are alerted by hosts about potential server issues. The bookmaker updates its clients on this through emails. In the event of a force majeure, no such notification is given.

Internet Connection Problems

Internet issues are the most common. Start by browsing network sites. If no sites open on your PC, restart the router/modem and check the wire. If these options fail, contact your ISP. It might be technical work, or you need to top up the balance. Cookies and cache may block Bet365. Try anonymous surfing or emptying the cache with Ctrl+Shift+Del. This requires reentering the login and password. Recurring delays may indicate internet instability. Refresh the signal by turning off and on mobile data or WiFi.

System Maintenance

Bookmaker upgrades may cause software issues. The company usually warns about this. Check email messages and bookmaker social media. If Bet365’s website doesn’t list technical work, contact assistance. When Bet365 is down, clients can utilize mirrors, VPNs, and proxies to access alternative Bet365 websites. This is risky due to fraudsters and getting delisted.

Bet365, my bets are not available may appear in the app if you have trouble logging in. It suggests website or software maintenance or upgrading. Try again when the login procedure finishes.

What to Do If Bet365 My Bets Are Not Loading?

What to Do If Bet365 My Bets Are Not Loading

The following is our contingency plan in the event that a wager placed with Bet365 gets voided. First, we’d like to reassure you that we are aware of the fundamental causes, so there is no need to panic. The following is what needs to be done.

Refresh the Page

It is incredible how frequently such a simple trick can be successful. When a bet still is not showing up, we tried and fix the issue by logging out of my Bet365 account and then signing back. At that point, it was possible to view the bet.

Log out and Log in Again

Sometimes this method helps to refresh the system info and removes the cache from the previous login session. The re-login resets the page and thus enables one to access Bet365.

Check Your Internet Connection or Restart Your Router

Your internet speed may decrease if a significant number of other people are using the same connection at the same time, especially if they have a lot of tabs open. If the sites do not open, switch the router off and on again. Also, we recommend closing the tabs open to speed up the connection. If it is not working, you can also clean the cache in the settings of a browser.

Change the Device

Sometimes devices need to meet the minimum requirements and be able to process sufficient amounts of data. In this case, we recommend logging in via PC. This method is only guaranteed to work in some situations; however, after bets have been removed from Bet365, it’s likely to access it by switching from a PC to a mobile device or vice versa.

Make Sure the Bet365 Website is Not Undergoing Maintenance

All systems need maintenance, including Bet365. There are occasions when you place bets prior to the beginning of scheduled maintenance. It can be risky. The site can remove them after checking. If an internet service provider holds periodic maintenance, this might also happen.

Contact the Bet365 Support Team

Live chat, telephone, and email are all ways to get in touch with the customer care team at Bet365. The turnaround time can be reduced by using the phone or the live chat feature, both of which have a waiting time of fewer than three minutes. The processing of email inquiries may take anywhere from two to three business days.

How to Contact Bet365 Customer Support?

Among the ways of contacting above mentioned, we have provided more details on how to reach the customer support team below.

Live chat – Go to Bet365’s Help menu, scroll down, then select Contact Us to access live chat. When customers click the Live Chat link, a new window opens to contact Bet365’s customer care.

Email – By sending an email from a personal email account, you can get in touch with the customer care personnel at Bet365. Send an email you can to [email protected].

Phone – You can also reach Bet365’s customer support department through the following Bet365 contacts, which are given below:

  • Customer Care Toll-Free Number: 0843 504 0511
  • Telephone Betting Toll-Free Number: 0800 458 8888
  • Toll-Free Number: 08000 288 365

In the next section, we will provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Keep reading to find more information.

Contact Bet365 Customer Support Team!


As a result of our investigation into the factors contributing to bets being disappeared on Bet365, we have identified two primary sources: inner (on the side of the player) and outer (on the bookmaker’s side). We recommend placing bets only when the website or app is working with lagging and glitches because it could affect the outcome of your bets. It may cause the loss of your bets. First and foremost, you should always double-check that there is no problem on your end, including your internet connection, phone requirements, service provider, and router’s operability.

There are times when the problem could be a technical one on the part of the provider or bookmaker (hosting or maintenance). Have some patience and wait for a little while. You can place your bet over the phone. If none of the described scenarios apply to your situation, or if none of the suggested solutions work, you should get in touch with customer support. It operates continuously at all times.

FAQs About Bet365 Disappeared Bets

Why is Bet365 not working?

As noted, users or bookmakers might experience issues. Check your internet connection and other sites to see whether it’s yours. If not working, check for site maintenance. Live chat, phone, or email the support team if you can’t reach it.

Why can’t I see my bets on Bet365?

Server connectivity issues, slow Internet, and system maintenance are the major causes of my bet65 bets not displaying. These difficulties may cancel bets. Refreshing helps to clean the cache. Bet history can also indicate if bets are active or disappeared. If you place a bet before site maintenance, it may disappear.

How long does maintenance take on the Bet365 website?

This is standard Bet365 website maintenance. The user must wait until the website’s full functionality is working. Bet365 says it typically takes 1-2 hours, not longer. Phone bets are still possible.

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