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Bet365 has a special promotion in its betting portfolio, Bet365 Bore Draw offer, which is quite flexible and profitable. It’s worth discussing and explaining; that’s why you can find detailed information about it in our review. Sign up on the bookmaker’s website and enjoy the excitement of the offer.

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What is Bore Draw and How to Find Your Bet?

Bore Draw bet365

When we talk about betting, the first area that comes to mind is Football. There are a lot of matches that end 0-0, leaving punters without a profit. Consequently, players lose some amount of money. Bet365 has designed a special tool for goalless draws, offering Bore Draw to fix this situation, which refunds you in case of a lost bet. As the name says, the promotions apply only to the match without a score, which is quite boring for the punters.

For better understanding, we would like to present you the official description of the Bet365 Money Back Offer: Place a pre-match bet on ANY of Bet365’s Correct Score, Half-Time/Full-Time or Scorecast markets for ANY Soccer match, and if the game finishes 0-0, your stake will be refunded if your bet loses. Therefore, we can conclude from the description that the company guarantees a money replacement for a goalless draw. Note that the offer isn’t eligible for 0-0(Correct Score) and Draw/Draw(Half-Time/Full-Time) as in the case of 0-0, your bets will win.

Overall, the Bet365 promotion is a guaranteed offer available for Half-Time/Full-Time and Correct Score markets except for the above-mentioned cases. To use the promotion, you need to find a market where the difference between back and lay odds is as small as possible. For this, we highly recommend using Outplayed Oddsmatcher software.

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Place Back & Lay Bets – Bore Draw Offer Strategies

There are two main Bet365 Bore Draw Money Back Offer strategies: No Cash-Out and Cash-Out. Let’s go through each of them, trying to understand their specific characteristics. We would also like to shortly present to you the main differences between these two strategies. While No Cash-Out has a low strike rate, high variance, and large inconstant profits, the Cash-Out is the opposite: it has a high strike rate, low variance, and small, consistent profits.

As we have already told you, the first strategy is No Cash-Out. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Think of a correct score for the back bet
  2. Put the back odds on the standard calculator OddsMonkey
  3. Put lay odds on an exchange calculator, such as Smarkets or Betfair
  4. Go back to Bet365 and place a back bet on the correct score
  5. Return to the exchange calculator to place a lay bet.

Once you have completed these key steps, find a comfortable place to enjoy the match.

To continue to talk about the company’s Bore Draw Money Back strategies, let’s discuss the second strategy, Cash-Out. Even though it’s a little bit complicated, we will present you most conveniently. The steps you should follow for the Cash-Out strategy are

  1. Go to OddMonkeys website, and choose the trigger bet calculator from the Calculators list,
  2. Remove all the figures written in the boxes,
  3. Enter lay odds, lay commission, back stake, and back odds in the necessary places,
  4. As you’re looking for a 100% refund, enter 100 in the Free Bet Retention Box,
  5. Set the method box to normal,
  6. Go to the profit breakdown section of the calculator to figure out your profit.

In a nutshell, while the first one is basic and simple, the second one is more complicated. Therefore, the No Cash-Out strategy would be more convenient for players new to matched betting.

Fixing and Maximising Profits on Bet365

One of the things we want to reach while using the Bet365 offer is to maximize our profit. To do that, we should clearly understand what we should lay. A simple calculation will be needed for that purpose. Specifically, divide the amount you would like to offset by the commission of the exchange calculator. This scenario will bring you quite a small amount of loss in the bet.

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Is the Bet365 Bore Draw Money Back offer better than others?

Obviously, Bet365 is one of many bookmakers with this offer in its betting portfolio. However, it has several advantages worth mentioning, such as:

  • While other bookmakers refund the customers in Free Bets, Bet365 Bore Draw Money Offer is only in Cash,
  • The bookmaker offers a bigger selection, making all football matches available for this offer,
  • There are no minimum limits for odds and maximum amounts of payouts.

Taking all these points into consideration, we can definitely say that the Bet365 Bore Draw Money Back offer is better than the others.

Statistics on Bet365 Bore Draw Money Back Օffer

Statistics on Bet365 Bore Draw Money Back Օffer

Now it’s time to do statistics, as it will always give valuable information. Doing research in all four winter leagues during the 2014/2015 season, we have come to the conclusion that 8.1% of the football matches ended 0-0. Here are the high-ranking European Leagues presented:

  • Indian Premier League (Cricket) 23%
  • German Bundesliga 9.2%
  • French Ligue 8.9%
  • English Premier League 8.2%
  • Italian Serie A 7.9%
  • Spanish Primera 7.9%

Furthermore, to see how often Bet365 Bore Draw was used, we would like to mention that during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the bookmaker paid around £16 million.

Refunds on Bore Draw with Bet365

It’s simple to use the Bet365 Bore Draw offer and get a refund. Basically, you need to

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Bet on Correct Score, Half-Time/Full-Time, and Scorecast markets.
  3. Get automatically refunded by the company in case the game ends 0-0.

Bear in mind that there aren’t any maximum limits for placing bets and getting payouts.

Important Bet365 Bore Draw Offer Rules

Here are the main terms and conditions necessary to know before using Bet365 Bore Draw Money Back offer:

  • The promotion applies to all new and existing customers.
  • Bet365 Bore Draw includes only pre-match betting.
  • All Football matches are eligible for the offer.
  • Qualifying markets for the promotion are HT/FT, Scorecast, and Correct Score.
  • Customers are paid out only in Cash.
  • While partial Cash-Outs are accepted, the offer doesn’t apply to full Cash-Outs.
  • Bet365 Edit Bet Functionality isn’t eligible for the promotion.

We recommend you read these rules before using the offer to be applicable for the promotion and be more confident in making your upcoming steps.

More Tips on the Bore Draw Promotion at Bet365

Even though we have already shared the main information and explained the whole idea of the Bet365 Bore Draw promotion, additional tips are also needed to present. Here are the points good to remember:

  • Small qualifying bets should be placed, as 0-0 happens rarely.
  • The Outplayed Oddsmatcher is the best way to find close matches.
  • To have a healthy account, place stakes in high-ranking European competitions.

We hope that you’re confident enough with your language to start using the benefits of this particular offer.


Goalless draws have been one of the most boring incidents in the gambling world. However, it’s no longer the problem due to the Bet365 Bore Draw offer that is quite unique and fantastic in its type. It’s surely beneficial and can be helpful for a lot of punters. Additionally, the promotion is flexible in how you can profit from it. The bookmaker gives wide market options, at the same time ensuring the safety of the customers against non-profit draws. Overall, the company’s Bore Draw promotion is a useful one being so simple to use and apply on a daily gambling basis.

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