How to Delete a Bet365 Bet: Step by Step Guide, Tips for Editing a Bet and Withdrawing Funds in (2023)

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Making a mistake in the process of betting online counts as the usual situation for bet makers. For more convenience for players, Bet365 Cancel Bet allows bettors to correct their mistakes and not risk their stakes. In this article, we want to help users to learn more about Bet365 Cancel Bet and inform them about the possibilities and features of this option.

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How to Cancel a Bet on Bet365?

Cancel a Bet on Bet365

The reality is that no one can annul any bet on Bet365. Bets that are submitted must be kept from being deleted or canceled by players. Unfortunately, a high number of players make mistakes when placing their bets, or before the end of the match, they don’t like their bet anymore or want to change it. Bet365 does not allow users to delete their bets; However, it created the Edit Bet option for players. All bet makers can use the Edit Bet feature, but only in some cases. Further, by reading the guidelines, all players will learn how to edit a bet in Bet365.

How to Edit a Bet in Bet365?

Bettors can add, swap, remove selections, and increase their stakes using the Edit Bet option. By following the below guideline, editing bets on Bet365 can be possible.

  1. Users need to create an account or log in to their accounts.
  2. Click on Betslip and open it.
  3. Now, by clicking on the Edit option on the top right corner of the betslip, players can move to the next step,
  4. Make the necessary changes.
  5. Select Submit and apply the updates.

The old bet was replaced with the new one by completing the mentioned steps. It should be noted some bonus programs are not allowed to use edit bets. We advise all players to read the term and conditions of each promotional plan before activating it.

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Avoid Errors in Future Betting

Avoid Errors in Future Betting

As mentioned, bet makers on Bet365 can annul their bets. However, if players take some measures, such circumstances may not repeat more often.

  • Players can avoid mistakes by doing research about the market, odds, or events they want to bet on. Studying such information can help players to know what to expect in the duration of the game. Players can place a bet correctly by considering details, such as injured players, weather, and formation.
  • It is best if users check their financial capability before placing any bets. That can help them to avoid any mistakes and allows them to change the odds before submitting their bets.
  • Users can review their bets before submitting them. Users can avoid any mistakes by checking the bet slip before submission or reducing the mistake percentages.

By following the mentioned advice, bettors can reduce the possibility of making mistakes. However, it does mean that everything sometimes goes differently than planned. Because of that, users can always count on the Bet365 Cancel Bet option to save their bet amount and correct mistakes.

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Who to Contact If You Have Problems Canceling a Bid?

Users can contact the professional customer support team of Bet365 if they have issues using the cancel bet option on this platform. The support team will guide players to edit or cancel their bets. Players can contact the Bet365 support team via live chat or email during this time.


How many bets can I cancel at once?

Punters can cancel the bets repetitively and edit their stake bid if only it is not a live event.

How long does it take to cancel a bet?

On the Bet365 platform, it only takes some minutes to cancel a bet.

Can I cancel my bets on football events at Bet365?

Players can annul and edit all types of sports bets, including football events.

Can I change the bet when the game is in progress?

Bet365 allows players to edit single-in-play bets.

What happens after the bid is submitted?

As soon as the player submits the bid, it will be impossible for the player to edit or cancel bets.

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