What Is Double Chance in Bet365 – Explanation of Bet Types in 2023

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The Double Chance wager allows a player to select two of the three potential outcomes in a specific match. This type of bet is popular among punters and is often offered by bookmakers, including Bet365. In this article, we will provide an overview of the Bet365 Double Chance and offer a detailed guide for players interested in utilizing it.

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What is Double Chance?

What is Double Chance

Double chance is basically one of the markets you can use while betting on cricket, horse racing, football, etc.

This feature allows one to combine two of the three possible outcomes in a football game (home/away win or draw) in one bet by excluding one. There are three options for combining outcomes: 1x, which means the home team cannot lose; X2, which means the away team cannot lose; and 12, which means any outcome except for a draw. When you use this market, you place a single bet that combines two of these outcomes.

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How to Bet on Double Chance at Bet365?

If you are willing to place a bet on Double Chance on Bet365 India, you first need to select an event that supports this market. You can do this by looking for the Double Results (1X, X2, or 12) in the Sportsbook section of the website or app. This option is typically available for cricket, football, tennis, etc.

To place your bet, select the desired outcome and follow the prompts. The Bet365 India site is easy to navigate, and you should have no trouble finding the Double Results and placing your bet. Keep in mind that the price and the payout for each option will vary based on the opponents and the match. It is important to carefully consider your options and choose the one that best meets your needs.

Double Chance Bet Example at Bet365

To further clarify how the Double Chance market works, let’s consider an example from the Bet365 website: a cricket match between Bangladesh and India. You will see three outcomes when you click on the Double Chance. The option with the highest potential payout and the lowest prices is Bangladesh or India, which means the likelihood of teams drawing is very low. The other two options correspond to the cases where either India or Bangladesh cannot lose.

Let’s say you want to bet on India but also want to account for the possibility of a draw in case the favorite loses. In this case, you can choose India or Draw option. The latter allows you to lower the risk of losing your bet while still backing India. While a victory by India may result in a lower payout for you, a draw in the match can still lead to success.

It is important to keep in mind that the odds and the potential payout for each pick will vary based on the teams and the match. You should carefully consider your options and choose the one that best meets your needs. The Double Chance market is a great way to reduce risk and increase your chances of winning, but it may also result in a lower payout. It is up to you to decide which option is the best fit for your betting strategy.

How Are Double Bet Odds Calculated at Bet365?

Let’s consider another example: an upcoming EPL game between Arsenal and West Ham United to better understand the odds calculation for the Double Chance. According to the bookmaker, Arsenal is the favorite to win with odds of 1.50. West Ham has odds of 6.00 to win, while the odds of a draw are 4.33. This means that the bookmaker believes there is a lower likelihood of a draw occurring in this match.

Now let’s see what double chances are:

1X (Arsenal will not lose) – 1.12

X2 (West Ham will not lose) – 2.50

12 (Any result except for draw) – 1.20

You may have noticed that Double Chance odds are generally lower than the odds of a single outcome. The latter is because such combinations increase your chances of winning and reduce the likely payout. Let’s proceed to the next section and understand if double results have more pros or cons.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Chance at Bet365

Double Chance at Bet365

While a Double Chance bet carries a lower risk, it also means that you have a lower chance of winning a larger amount. Generally, the likelihood of winning with one outcome is 33%, while a double bet increases the chances to 66%. This is an important consideration when deciding whether to use this feature.

Placing a Double Chance bet on a heavy favorite can minimize your risk, but it can also limit your potential winnings. It is best to use this market when both teams have relatively equal chances of winning. In these cases, the Double Chance can be useful in helping you calculate your risk while still having the opportunity to win.

For example, consider the FIFA World Cup final, where Argentina and France had similar chances of winning in normal time. This could have made it difficult for a bettor to choose which team to bet. However, if the bettor had placed a Double Chance bet on either Argentina or France (1X or X2, respectively), they would have been guaranteed a payout because the match ended in a draw after 90 minutes. This illustrates how the Double Chance can help mitigate risk and increase the chances of winning in situations where the outcome is uncertain.

Differences Between Double Chance and Zero Handicap

While a Double Chance and Zero-Handicap bet may seem similar to those new to betting, as they both allow you to bet on two or three outcomes, these options do have distinctions in terms of the potential returns and odds.

A Double Chance bet gives you a greater chance of winning, as it covers two out of three potential outcomes. You will not receive a return if your bet is unsuccessful. On the other hand, a zero handicap bet only pays out if the chosen team wins, and the odds for this type of two-way outcome are usually lower than those for a handicap bet.

For example, you make a zero-handicap bet on Liverpool vs Real Madrid in the Champions League, and you favor the Premier League club. If Liverpool wins, you will receive a higher payout. However, your bet will be void if the team draws. Double Chance bet is different, as you can still win by choosing the 1X option if Liverpool does not lose. Generally, The handicap bet may offer greater odds, while the Double Chance provides a higher likely profit.

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The Bet365 Double Chance is a widely available betting market that offers reduced risk and increased chances of winning. It can be used in a variety of sports, such as cricket, soccer, and tennis. It is best to use for games with no clear favorite, but it may result in lower potential winnings for fixtures where one participant or team has a very high chance of winning. Double Chance bets are generally safer but offer a lower payout. It is important to consider when to use this market and ensure that your risk and reward are balanced. Overthinking and limiting your winnings can have a negative impact.


What is double chance on Bet365?

The Double Chance on Bet365 is a popular betting market that allows players to choose two out of three potential outcomes in particular matches. This option is often preferred because it reduces the risk of loss and increases the chances of winning.

How does double chance work on Bet365?

The Double Chance on Bet365 works similarly to other betting options. If the two outcomes you have chosen occur, you will win the bet and be paid based on the odds and your stake. If neither of the chosen outcomes occurs, you will lose the bet.

How to place a double on Bet365?

To place a bet using the Double Chance on Bet365, players need to select it in the Sportsbook section of the website or app. From there, they can choose which two outcomes they want to bet on and enter their stake.

Will Bet365 pay out double results if I win?

Bet365 is a trustworthy and dependable bookmaker that has a reputation for paying out winnings for bets placed using the Double Chance option. It is always important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any betting site, but Bet365 has a history of promptly paying out winning bets. If you place a winning bet using the Double Chance option on Bet365, you can expect to receive your winnings without delay.

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