Bet365 Edit Bet Feature – Complete Guide For Indian Players (2023)

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Have you ever settled a bet and realized that you made a mistake? Or you have an experience where you wanted to change your wager type or the amount to win more after submission. With Bet365 Edit bet, this is possible. When you wager on this platform, you can return to your bet and make some changes. This feature is only available for some bets but can be very helpful and make you a lucky winner. In this article, we’ll explain when and how to utilize the Bet365 Edit bet function as well as what you may alter about your wager.

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What Is an Edit Bet at Bet365?

Edit Bet at Bet365

The unique tool on this platform that enables you to adjust the type of wager that has already been entered is called the Bet365 Edit bet. Both in-play and outright wagers are supported by this function. In reality, Bet365’s Edit bet feature leverages the CashOut feature. You may use the cashout amount to place a new bet if you wish to alter one bet, enabling players to use it as the stake for their new wager. While the wager’s CashOut option is available, the Edit bet is presented as an option. It may also show up when it is still unclear what will happen with the wager. There is no restriction on how many times you may alter your wager; generally speaking, there is no such restriction.

How Can I Change My Bet on Bet365?

By following the steps below, you can edit your bet on Bet365:

  1. You need to login to your account.
  2. Click on the My Bet section.
  3. Choose the CashOut option.
  4. Find the Edit bet on the top right of the screen and choose it.
  5. Now, you can add, remove, or swap your bet.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that in the Edit Bet option, all of the games you’ve chosen for your wager will be withdrawn yet still count toward CashOut. If the ability to Cash Out is disabled and choices are suspended, the Edit bet option will be buried.

What Can I Change in My Bet?

Knowing what modifications are permitted is necessary before utilizing the Bet365 Edit bet option. All modifications that are possible with this capability are covered in this section.

  • Adding Selection: In the bet slip, there will be an option to Add Selection. By choosing this option, the system automatically moves you to the main page and allows you to select more sports events for your wager.
  • Swapping selections: By using the swapping option, you can exchange your selections from the same market.
  • Removing a Selection: Sometimes, the match you added to your bet slip can be too risky or not a good choice. So here, you can edit your bet and use the removing a selection option.
  • Changing the Bet type: You can also choose the Change Bet Type option on your bet slip, which allows you to see other existing types and choose the one you prefer.
  • Increasing the stake: The Edit bet feature allows you to increase your bet stake if you prefer.
  • Saving the change after Editing Bet: The most important part of editing bet is saving the changes after editing your bet. If you remember to save, everything will stay the same.

You may exercise greater control and flexibility over your betting actions by using the Edit bet capabilities that have been highlighted. As soon as you save the modifications, the system instantly replaces the previous bet with the new one that includes your updated edits.

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Conditions to Be Considered When Using Edit Bet

Conditions to Be Considered When Using Edit Bet

There are a few requirements that you should be aware of and take into account before utilizing the Bet365 Edit bet option. Here are a few of the most crucial guidelines you should keep in mind:

  • The Edit bet feature can be used only for unsettled bets with a CashOut option.
  • The Edit bet can ask for validation with a small delay.
  • This feature can not be used for specific matches or bets such as Colossus bets, Parlay cards, or Bet Builder,
  • You should read the terms and requirements of each bonus you activate. Some promotions can not be operated if you use the Edit bet option.

You may maximize the benefits of Bet365’s Edit Bet function by using it carefully while keeping in mind the aforementioned scenarios.

Alternatives to the Edit Bet Feature

Although Bet365 has many additional options, you won’t be able to discover an alternate Edit bet option there. The CashOut might be a suitable option and enable you to cash in on your bet sooner, but it is unable to give you with the Edit bet’s features.

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You may have greater control over your bets with Bet365’s Edit Bet function, which also enables you to take advantage of many possibilities to increase the value of your wagers. The Edit Bet tool might be ideal for you if you make a mistake, wish to increase your stake, remove your chosen game, or alter your decision. You can enjoy your betting on Bet365 and earn more money by reading this article and using the Edit Bet option.


Where is the bet slip on Bet365?

By submitting your bet, you can see your bet slip in the right corner of the official site of this bookmaker. In case of any issues, you need to refresh the page to be able to see your bet slip.

What to do if the Bet365 coupon needs to be displayed?

You can refresh your browser or app. Because of a high number of customers, sometimes the platform works slower. However, if the problem still needs to be solved and you face such issues, you can contact the 24 hours customer support of Bet365 and get a quick and professional response from them.

Why can’t I edit my bet on Bet365?

The option to edit bets is not accessible for all wagers. To utilize the Edit Bet function, your bet must be unsettled and have the CashOut option.

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