Bet365 Forgotten Password – What to Do?

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This article introduces every detail about the Bet365 forgotten password recovery process. It doesn’t only cover password recovery but also username. You can find information about the 4-digit security number, why your account might get restricted, etc.

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How to Reset and Change a Forgotten Password on Bet365?

How to Reset and Change a Forgotten Password on Bet365?

To reset a forgotten password on Bet365, the following steps should be done:

  • On the right side of the website, there’s the login section; you need to click on the having trouble logging in? option and click Next;
  • Then, type in your details in the Send Me A Reset Code.
  • After this, click on Get a Reset Code, and you’ll receive a six-digit code by email or SMS;
  • You will input the code, reset the password and enter your account.

Bet365 makes logging in even easier by providing a 4-digit code for the regular logging-in process. You can learn more about it in the next paragraph.

Bet365 4-digit Security Number

A 4-digit security number allows the customers to enter their account on mobile without inputting their login and password every time, so the customer doesn’t have to remember their login credentials by heart.

What is a Four-Digit Security Number?

The 4-digit security number is a code given to every customer after registering on The system prompts you to create a 4-digit number when you login; after completing it, you can use it for regular logging in.

What to Do If You Lost Bet365 4-digit Security Number?

You can click on the Send again button, and the system will send you another security number to your email address or phone number, and you can use the second one.

What to Do If You Forgot the Bet365 Username?

If you forgot your Bet365 username, the following steps should be done:

  • Open the website, and on the top right side, click on the Login button;
  • After this, click on the Having trouble logging in? button;
  • Here, you will see the option Forgotten your username? please click on it;
  • Enter your details and click on Get username;
  • You will receive an email and will get your new username.

The customer service team will always provide assistance if you have trouble with anything. Their email is – [email protected].

Bet365 Account Locked

There’s a chance your account can be locked if the system encounters three failed attempts of logging in with the wrong username or password.

If you cannot log in because you receive an error message that doesn’t redirect you to somewhere so the account gets locked, you can always reach out to the Bet365 support team with the following email address – [email protected].

Top Reasons for Bet365 Account Restrictions

Top Reasons for Bet365 Account Restrictions

Having restrictions on the accounts is an expected and normal practice for companies in the industry. Since customers get caught in fraud attempts, it’s important that Bet365 tracks all accounts’ behaviors and sometimes restricts them from entering the account again.

Your Account is Closed

Your account can be closed by Bet365 without giving you any justification or reason. Bet365 has this written in their Terms and Conditions and is in power to do it anytime. So, if you clearly remember your login and password but still cannot login to the system, you can reach out to customer care to understand whether they have closed your account.

Voluntary Account Restriction

In this case, you decide to restrict your account for some time. You can select the period, and your account will be recovered whenever possible.

Limit on Your Account

Bet365 can set some limits on your account. For example, the limits can be related to deposit or withdrawal limitations for certain games, markets, odds, etc.

Winning limit

Bet365 can also set a limit on your winnings. If Bet365 tracks and notices any fraud, they are in power to limit your winnings.

Duplicate Bet365 Account

If Bet365 notices that you have duplicate accounts or that you still run two completely different accounts, they have restricted one of the accounts.


If the company notices that you take advantage of the odds in different markets, match deals with numerous others, and gain profit from the tournaments; they’re in power to restrict your account.

Your Current Region is Not Supported

You can use VPN for access. Otherwise, it cannot be accessed. There might be regions where the website might not be available.

You Forgot Your Username or Password

If you forgot your username or password, you could simply recover them from the login page. However, if you fail both of them, there would be no way to recover the account, and it can be restricted when it’s not being used for a long time.

Too Many Unsuccessful Login Attempts

When you have at least three unsuccessful login attempts right after one another, the system will recognize you as a robot and might restrict your account for some time. If you notice an issue after the first login attempt, follow the error message or at least try a few minutes later.

Account Verification Incomplete or Pending Confirmation

When registering an account, make sure to pass all the steps successfully. There are several steps for account verification. If any of those steps are missed, the account can be restricted.

How to Unlock Bet365 Account?

To unlock your Bet365 account, you need to reach out to their customer care team. Here’s the email address – [email protected].

Bet365 Customer Service

Bet365 Customer Service

Bet365 customer care team works 24/7 and provides support to every current issue that you might have. There are two ways of reaching out to the customer support team – an email and a live chat. In case the issue you’re reporting about requires more time for investigation, you can send an email, and the team will surely reach out to you. The live chat is better if you’re looking for a prompt response to your issue.

Contact Bet365 Support Service!


Overall, the bet365 password reset/account recovery section is smooth. Users of all levels can perform all the steps since they are easy, fast, and understandable. Customers can also find detailed articles about each step and why they should do it that way. Also, customer care works 24/7 and will always be there to help with everything regarding password reset, account recovery, and any other question!

Bet365 Forgot Password – FAQs

What to do if Bet365 will not reinstate your suspended account?

You can reach out to the customer care team to unlock your account. The email address for the customer support team is – [email protected].

Is it even legal for Bet365 to restrict your account?

The company has the right and is in power to restrict any account without giving proper justification or reasoning. They have it written as a rule in their Terms and Conditions.

How long do Bet365 restrictions last?

This depends on the restriction. If you voluntarily set a restriction for your account for some time, your account will be recovered on the last day.

If Bet365 sets a restriction on your account, you need to reach out to their support team and request them. If they decide to recover your account, they’ll let you know. If they decide that it should stay restricted, you will no longer have access to your account.

The support email address is – [email protected].

Can I change my password via the Bet365 mobile site?

Yes, changing the password via the Bet365 mobile site is possible.

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