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After opening a Bet365 account, as each excellent bookmaker, Bet365 requires verification of their customers for security. To inform you how to verify a Bet365 account in India, we have prepared a detailed article to help you. Let’s start verifying your account together.

Verify Your Bet365 Account!

Bet365 Verification

bet365 account verification

For fulfilling your Bet365 transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals, your Bet365 KYC needs to be verified. First, you should log in to your Bet365 page to start your account verification process. Then from the right corner of the Bet365 website, pick Services, then Member, and My Account. After, tap on the Know Your Customer button. Note that Bet365 suggests several options for verification. Let’s examine all the options on the Bet365 platform and pick a suitable one for you.

Bet365 Verification Methods

Bet365 offers four verification methods for now:

The instant way to verify your Bet365 KYC is passport confirmation. To fulfill it, you should follow steps of this instruction:

  • Log into your Bet365 page to start the process.
  • Tap on the Services from the right corner tab.
  • Pick Member from the opened menu.
  • Go to the next table by tapping on My Account.
  • Tap on Know Your Customer and pick the passport confirmation type.
  • Ensure you have read the instructions carefully; then, to verify your profile, provide your passport number in the box with the right format, and upload your passport photo.
  • Your documents KYC is processed.

Don’t forget that in case you picked this option in the first step; you can’t use other options.

The second method you can use for the verification process is live chat.

  • Through your page, go to the live chat and connect with a KYC agent.
  • Provide her/him with your four-digit code.
  • Inform him that you want to complete your KYC with a passport.
  • Provide her/him with your passport number.
  • In a few minutes, your KYC documents will be processed.

Another method for Bet365 KYC confirmation is address verification; contrary to other options, this process takes a long time to proceed. It can take up to 15 working days.

  • Go to your account.
  • Then from the right-corner drop-down menu, choose Services.
  • Tap on the Members button and pick My Account from the top buttons.
  • Go to the KYC page, and as a confirmation type, select postal verification and provide your postal code.
  • Within 15 days, you will receive a secret code via post.
  • Go to My Account, then KYC, and enter the code you have received.
  • Your verification is completed successfully.

The last one is the email confirmation option; in this case, the process will take only two days.

  • You should send an ID document copy to their email ([email protected]).
  • Mention a four-digit secure code in your email(It is your identity on Bet365).
  • Your sent documents for KYC will be authenticated, and your KYC will be verified within two days.

For verification, you can use a government-issued document like a passport, driver’s license, Adhar card and so on. Note that sometimes you may be required for a second confirmation process. Each change of address or document will be the cause of your account suspension, or it will be restricted.

Verify Your Bet365 Account Now!

What to Do If You Are Having Difficulty Verifying Your Account in Bet365?

bet365 verification

If you have faced difficulties or problems while verifying your identity KYC, don’t hesitate to contact the support team. They work 24/7 and are ready to help you with every single query. You are provided with great customer service and care, which is important for your comfort.


Bet365 KYC verification with Bet365 is very easy and quick. You can complete it using one or two ID documents. Verification options are various, so you can pick the one which is more convenient for you. You can even verify your KYC instantly. Sometimes it can take 24 hours because of some specific problems. After confirmation, you are open to connect your bank cards to your account and start secure betting.

FAQs About Bet365 Account Verification

Can Bet365 reject an account confirmation request?

If they find your document is illegal or copies are unclear, your KYC verification request may be rejected.

How can I withdraw money from Bet365 without confirming my account?

Bet365 doesn’t accept the winning withdrawal from non-verified accounts. So to make a withdrawal, you need to verify your KYC. It is proof that the transaction is processed by you.

How can I deposit money into my Bet365 account?

To deposit funds to your Bet365 wallet, login to your Bet365 page, go to the Deposit section, pick the appropriate method and currency for your deposit, enter the deposit amount and follow the requirements to submit your deposit.

Is it important to confirm your account with Bet365?

Of course, it is important. They require confirmation. According to the rules of the bookmaker, you would complete your KYC and activate and verify your account to ensure your account is secure and protected. Note that non-verified accounts will be closed after some time after opening an account.

How can I open an account with Bet365?

Go to Bet365’s webpage, tap on the Register and complete the registration form to provide your personal, mobile, mail, name, contact, and account registering details. To learn more about Bet365 and how to fill account registration form, we advise you read our article on Bet265 registration.

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