Bet365 Ice Hockey Betting 2023: Live Streaming, Tournaments & Odds

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Ice Hockey betting is one of the most beloved and widespread types of sportsbook wagering. It makes it feasible for hockey fans from different countries to wager on their favorite hockey games and make their hobby more interesting and beneficial. If you are a hockey fan, with or without hockey betting experience, we suggest you to look at our review of Bet365 Hockey betting .

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Bet365 Hockey Betting

Bet365 Hockey Betting

Bet365 Hockey Betting has a goal  to provide a high-quality and modern service for all fans of hockey betting and make their gambling experience remarkable and more exciting. As a well-known and trusted sportsbook wagering service, it offers one of the best odds in the industry and a wide range of markets to place bets  and get fascinating outcomes. Not only the National Hockey League (NHL), which is available for users to place bets on, there is also Germany’s Ice Hockey League (DEL),The Champions Hockey League, Finland’s SM Liiga , Sweden’s Hockey Allsvenskan, Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League (KHL),Austria Ice Hockey League (EHL) and Switzerland’s National League (NLA), which are also available for users to wager on.

Bet365: Hockey Betting Bonuses

Bet365 offers Hockey betting bonuses which can allow users to make their outcome more significant and the gambling process more beneficial. There are two promotions for Hockey Betting available at the moment.

Ice Hockey 2 Goals Ahead Early Payout Offer allows users to get a pre-game bet fully paid if the game progresses such that the result seems obvious. It works not only  for single bets  but also for multiple bets. In case of single bets, if the team you back to win hits three goals ahead during the game, Bet365 will pay out your bet fully, without consideration of if the opposite team comes back to change the game result. For  Bet Builder and multiple bets, if a team you have backed goes three goals ahead, this selection will be marked as won within My Bets, with the remaining selections left to run.

The second type of Hockey Betting Bonus in Bet365 is Parlay Bonus. To get it, you need to place a pre-game parlay (accumulator) of two and more selections for NHL on the following Two-Way markets: spread, run line, puck line, game totals, first half point spread, first half totals, second half point spread and second half totals. If you have placed a successful bet, 5 – 70% of your winning amount will be added  to your outcome. You will be able to withdraw your bonus money without doing some specific manipulations.

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Bet365 Hockey Bet Types & Odds

Bet365 Hockey Bet Types & Odds

You have completed sign up and deposit steps and now is time to place bets. Before starting to place bets, it would be better to know all the suggested betting types on Bet365. All the Bet365 hockey betting types have top odds and can be a great opportunity for you to yield a significant amount of winnings. Below, you will see all the hockey betting types offered on Bet365.

  • Money Line – At Bet365, money line betting is the simplest way to wager. Choosing which team will win and placing a bet would be best.
  • Over/Under – This is another type of bet which is more interesting. You must guess if the number of goals after the match will be over or under a set amount. The system will offer a set amount based on injuries and current team statistics before the game starts. Any other information gathered from different sources can affect the game’s ending result.
  • Accumulator/Parlay bet – This is just like an accumulator bet on football with more features that will allow you to add money line bets that can boost your winning. Also, money line bets can include over/under as well.
  • 3 Way – This Bet365 Hockey wager type differs slightly from a money line. It offers the option for a draw, so there are some additional chances to earn payouts without directly choosing a winner.

Choosing a bookmaker with top odds before placing a bet will be your key to success. That is exactly what you will find on Bet365 because this bookmaker is known to have one of the highest odds in the whole industry. Also, you will find some amazing betting markets offering various ways to place bets and win.

For example, you can look at one of The Sweden Hockey League matches between MALMO IF and Frolunda HC. For these games, Bet365 offers 3.1 for a Malmo win, 4.5 for a draw, and 2.05 for Frolunda HC win. You can compare it to other famous bookmakers. For example, 1xBet offers 3.1 for a Malmo win, 4.2 for the tie, and 1.97 for Frolunda HC win. Bwin offers 2.9 for a Malmo win, 4.2 for a draw, and 2.05 for Frolunda HC win. As you can see, this proves that this bookmaker offers one of the highest odds.

Bet365 Live Betting

One of the most amazing parts of wagering on sportsbooks is live betting. It gives you a bunch of emotions and feelings. More interesting is watching the sport event you have placed a bet on. This option is also available on Bet365 Hockey betting. They offer a wide variety of wagering opportunities and high odds. You can see all the current available markets on their site by clicking on the Ice Hockey button from the left bar. To switch to In-game betting mode, you must click on In-game at the top of the page.

In addition to this, Bet365 also offers live streaming of a wide variety of hickey games all over the world. You can see the live streaming schedule, and if you are willing to watch the live streaming of a game, just click the play button beside the match, and you will be automatically transferred to the live streaming page with game stats and currently available markets. In combination, all these features allow you to place a bet, get an outcome and have a fascinating and thrilling gaming experience.

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In conclusion, Bet365 is a good option for people from different countries worldwide, who like sportsbook wagering and are looking for a bookmaker who will provide a wide variety of hockey games and wagering markets. Also, as we noticed above, it provides one of the best odds in the industry, so it will be a fantastic chance  for all sportsbook betting  enthusiasts to bet on their favorite Ice Hockey games and get fascinating outcomes. Unfortunately, Bet365 does not offer a wide variety of bonuses, but proper use will allow you to get amazing winning amounts. In addition to this, a well-organized website and mobile application available on different platforms make Bet365 a good option for sportsbook wagering.


Where can I watch live hockey?

To watch a live-streaming of a hockey game on Bet365 is pretty simple. You have  to log in to your gambling account. Click on Sports in the top menu, and choose Ice Hockey from the left menu bar. After that, you will need to navigate to In-play mode by the link at the top of the page. After these manipulations, you can choose a live-streaming Ice Hockey game from the list of obtainable live-streaming games for the moment and start to watch it by simply clicking the play icon beside it.

What is the best way to bet on hockey?

There are many different  ways in which you can bet on hockey, and each of those ways has its advantages and disadvantages. Basically, the best way to place bets on hockey is to analyze the game you would like to bet on, take a look at statistics and follow famous tipsters.

What does +1.5 mean in hockey?

Let’s take an outright look at this question. Let’s say you bet on Team 1 to win with a handicap (+1.5). The indicator of 1.5 will be added to the final number of goals of the team. If the game finishes with a minimum victory of Team 2 (1-0), adding 1.5, we get 1-1.5, which is in favor of Team 1. Your bet wins even though Team 1 was defeated by Team 2, and the odds were much higher than they would have been if the bet had been placed on the victory of Team 2.

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