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If you are fond of placing online bets on MotoGP, we have prepared a comprehensive review for you on this page. This article includes all features, opportunities, bonuses, and advantages you can have with Bet365 MotoGP. Let’s start our MotoGP journey together.

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Bet365: History of MotoGP Betting

MotoGP Betting

MotoGP is one of the fastest-driving, most interesting, and existing racing motorcycle competitions. MotoGP’s first tournament was held in 1949. In recent years period, MotoGP has reached its peak due to popular, talented, and qualified moto races. Sports lovers and race fans from all over the world like these races, and their popularity is enhancing day by day. With the growth of the popularity of moto races, it has become mainstream for punters to place bets on MotoGP and all reputable bookmakers started providing races from all over the world.

You may be surprised to know that MotoGP is older than Formula one and its competitions are being held on five continents nowadays. In these competitions, you can see incredible things like how motorbikes rev up to 16 r/pm.

So as you already know more about MotoGP let’s learn how you can place bets on it with Bet365.

How to Bet on MotoGP in Bet365?

To place a MotoGP bet on the Bet365 platform, you need a sign account and follow the guide we have created to make your betting easier. So follow the simple steps represented in the guide below.

Step 1: Create a Bet365 account by simply going to the Join section, verifying, and funding it.

register at bet365

Step 2: Head to the Sports or In-Play section and pick Motor Sports.

Head to the Sports or In-Play section and pick Motor Sports

Step 3: Choose one form of suggested competition; pick the race or a player and the market you want to bet on.

pick the race or a player and the market you want to bet on

Step 4: Determine the odds and the stake you want to place.

Determine the odds and the stake you want to place

Step 5: To terminate your actions tap on Place Bet.

To terminate your actions tap on Place Bet

One of the most important aspects of placing bets is the existence of bonuses and special offers, so let’s have a look at the offers you have with Bet365.

Bonuses and Special Offers for MotoGP Betting

Bet365 offers a great welcome offer to its new punters. Bet365 customers can deposit ₹400 and qualify for 15% of their deposit amount in Bet Credits up to ₹4000. To claim the bonus, you need to bet your qualifying deposit amount 12 times. The expiration time of the Bet365 bonus is 30 days, and the minimum odds for claiming the bonus is 1.2 or more.

Unfortunately, Bet365 doesn’t offer any special bonuses for betting on MotoGP, but we hope they will soon provide some interesting offers to make your betting more enjoyable.

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Bet365 MotoGP Betting Markets

Bet365 MotoGP Betting Markets

Betting on MotoGP with Bet365 is even more enjoyable as you have an opportunity to place your wagers using the most popular and interesting markets. Let’s look through them one by one.

Tournament Winner

Using this market you place your bet on the winner of the whole championship instead of on single motor race betting. You should make your selection and stick with it until the tournament is over. You have an opportunity to also place multiple bets to increase excitement and possible profits of the bet.


If you like watching two drivers enter the competition for the win, then you should try the head-to-head market. This market gives you an opportunity to concentrate on only a number of competitors. In this market, the only important thing is that one rider beats another; all remaining actions don’t matter.

With No Driver

In this market, the rider is out of competition. Here you don’t have favorites, so this is a great option if the odds are mostly in favor of one favorite rider. Sometimes having favorites in the competition makes perspectives of the race bet dull.

Top 3 Ryders Finish

This market also called podium finish gives more opportunities, as placing bets on an individual to win sometimes limits your race options. Here you will win if the riders you have placed your bet on reach the top three.

Of course, markets are very important, but a long line of markets without good odds is incomplete. So let’s see if Bet365 provides its user with high odds or not.

Bet365 MotoGP Odds

Bet365 is famous for its high odds throughout the whole season, provided for both major and minor events. MotoGP is not an exception, as you can find the highest odds for races on the Bet365 platform. When choosing a bookie, always pay attention to the odds they suggest for both major and minor games, as the outcome of your bet mostly depends on the odds.

Bet365 MotoGP Betting App

Bet365 provides both Android and iOS apps to make betting on their platform more convenient for their customers, as using the app, you can bet wherever you are. Apps are designed to be easy to use and accessible even to those who are new to betting. You are open to using all services and features on the app they provide on the website. Apps can be downloaded from their official website.

Live Betting on MotoGP at Bet365

With Bet365, you are given an opportunity to place in-play bets on MotoGP live events. Here you also have a large selection of markets and competitive odds. Placing in-play bets is even more exciting and interesting. Bet365 live streams have high video and sound quality.

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Bet365 MotoGP Betting Tips

Bet365 MotoGP Betting Tips

Having some tips for betting is an essential thing for every regular punter. Tips help you place more profitable bets. So we have highlighted some tips for your MotoGP betting.

Weather conditions: always take weather conditions into consideration, as weather can affect races. So always take into account that the result of your bet can depend on weather conditions.

Trends: always do research referring to trends and in-form riders, as this will give you very valuable details. You can use that information then forming your bet selections. Details about MotoGP you can get by following the latest news about the races.

Riders and past results: take into consideration the form of the rider or a team you intend to place your bets on. Search for their past results and events. This is very important if you want to place a reasonable bet; if the form and results are not reputable, you should change your mind and place bets on other riders or teams.

Analyze the odds: By being informed about the odds of riders or teams, you can compare competitors’ values. These details will help you to know more about competitors’ capabilities.

Analyze track and rider preferences: always make sure that you evaluate the track as well as the preferences of riders or teams. As in races, track or road circuits are always different. This information and details about teams and riders will help you to predict which competitor will perform better in specific conditions.

Tournaments for Betting on MotoGP in Bet365

Bet365 suggests worldwide tournaments and competitions for betting on MotoGP on their platform. So let’s look through them and learn some details.

MotoGP World Championship

One of the MotoGP premier tournaments is MotoGP World Championship. Bikes packing 1,000cc. The rider who has the most points during the race gains the world championship award.

Bet365: Moto2 World Championship

In the feeder series of the MotoGP Premier Championship, you will meet Moto2 World Championship. We should mention that many races you can see in MotoGP tournaments have graduated from Moto2. Bikes pack up to Triumph 765cc engines of 140 hp, which is slower than bikes you can meet in the MotoGP championship.

Moto3 World Championship

Moto3 is the platform where new moto riders start their path to MotoGP. Though bikes are inferior to the rest in terms of speed, they make up for the gap by improving their skills in the face of competition.

Enel MotoE World Cup

In an effort to keep up with the world’s tendencies, MotoGP decided to create its own electric spin-off called MotoE in 2019, which is powered by 120KW bikes.


So if you are looking for the best platform for your MotoGP online betting, we highly recommend you use Bet365. Here you can find the best odds and markets each punter seeks for their bets. We hope our article helped you with helpful tips and information.


Is it legal to bet on MotoGP at Bet365?

Of course, betting on Bet365 is fully legal, as they hold a reputable license from MGA.

What is the most popular MotoGP betting type at Bet365?

The most popular betting type on the Bet365 platform for MotoGP is to win outright.

Where can I bet on MotoGP?

Doing research and comparing some platforms suggesting MotoGP, we consider Bet265 to be the best site for your moto race bets.

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