Which Country Owns Bet365 Bookmaker?

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In this article, we will go over one of the most famous and early betting websites that is Bet365. This bookmaker has been in the market since the beginning of online gambling in 2001. For more than 20 years, the bookie has grown exponentially and leads as an example for other betting websites. The company’s success can be reasoned by the efficient work of its primary owner, Denise Coates, whom we will discuss throughout this article.
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Who Owns Bet365?

Who Owns Bet365

A well-known British gambling business with headquarters in the UK is Bet365 Group Ltd. The lead Bet365 owner is the female British Billionaire Denise Coates, who still holds the bulk of the company’s shares and serves alongside her brother John Coates as a co-founder and executive director.

How Did Denise Coates Build the Bet365 Empire?

Fondly referred to as the “Quiet queen of online betting“, Coates is one of Britain’s most successful (and understated) women business leaders serving as a boss and a CEO. Alongside her brother John Coates, she is the co-owner and CEO of one of the world’s leading gambling operators, the bookmaker, making her Britain’s most successful woman.

In January 2000, she paid £20,000 (about $25,000) for the ownership of the domain name Bet365.com. Coates spoke with London’s economic elite to find investors after persuading her brother to join her to become co-owners. When she could not convince even one of them, she appealed to the Royal Bank of Scotland, which gave her a loan for about £14 ($17) million in exchange for the whole supply chain of Provincial Racing. After launching the website in 2001, she worked around the clock in one of her family’s betting shops until online gambling eventually began to receive the recognition it needed, enabling her site to become a billion-dollar empire with over 5,000 employees.

Bet365 Success Story

Bet365 is now considered the most well-known gambling website in the world and is often used as a reference for top online betting websites. It is a family-run company that has become successful not only in Britain but also internationally. With over 23 million customers and 3,500 workers globally, their site offers a great betting experience and has continued to set the standard for online betting by introducing several new products over the years.

The website was first launched in 2001, with Denise doing most of the work in the car park of one of her family’s betting shops. Although this period was tough for her, she never lost hope in her investment, and eventually, her unique investment paid off when online gambling began getting the proper attention. As Bet365 was one of the early betting sites on the internet, the success of the site grew exponentially to reach the level it is at today. Bet365 is a betting firm led by one of Britain’s most influential and forward-thinking bosses, with revenues of £2.81 billion in 2020–2021 alone. With that, she was the businesswoman with the highest pay that year.

Denise Coates Foundation

The Denise Coates Foundation, formerly known as the Bet365 Foundation, distributes funds to other English-registered charities.

According to English and Welsh legislation, the foundation’s sole objective is to support charitable endeavors locally, nationally, and internationally. The organization has several projects tackling various social projects. In the health sector, the Coates Foundation is involved in a two-year effort to increase sanitation, cleanliness, and global health awareness was funded internationally. In the education and training sector, the organization provides several scholarship programs for local students with rough living circumstances and who cannot afford university tuition.

Furthermore, training programs are available for unprivileged locals to gain skills helping them to earn good amounts of money and have a suitable living. Plus, the institution also has investments in other fields: Medical Research and Development, Disaster Recovery and Emergency Relief, Community Development, and Arts and Culture; they pay almost £3.6 million to 23 different charities.

The Life of Denise Coates

The Life of Denise Coates

Before purchasing the website domain, Coates started as an accountant before selling several of the Coates house betting shops called Coral. There is not much information related to her early life as she is extremely careful to keep her personal life private.

Nonetheless, Denise was highly affected by her father’s business achievements. Her father, Peter Coates, was a self-made businessman that started by establishing catering services to eventually becoming the main shareholder of Stoke City FC, which is a signature asset in the Coates family. This opened the path for her to enter the sports betting industry. After earning a first-class econometrics degree from the University of Sheffield, she was a key factor in the success of her father’s small betting shops. Ultimately, she made the infamous investment of buying the betting website.

The compassionate billionaire who runs the betting enterprise was placed first on the Sunday Times Tax List three years in a row. As a sign of her commitment to her society, Coates was named one of the 100 most influential business women in Britain. She was granted a CBE in the 2012 Queen Elizabeth’s new year honorary list thanks to her community services.
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About Bet365

Denise Coates founded Bet365 in Stoke-on-Trent in the year 2000. As a diverse online gambling website, sports betting and casino-style games are both offered by the bookie. Denise created a sports betting platform and trading staff to start the company’s online operation in March 2001. To further prove the top level of this bookie, it has earned several awards, such as the “Operator of the Year” award. The bookie was listed among the top 50 most influential Internet gaming companies. The bookie is well known to have one of the most secure betting services providing its users with 24/7 customer service, one of the largest sportsbooks, and a well-organized casino in all countries of operations.

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