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If you are one who loves snooker pre-match and live games and always seeks great and competitive odds as well as opportunities for online snooker bets, you are in the right spot. In this article, we have collected all information about Bet365 Snooker betting. So let’s examine Bet365 snooker opportunities and odds together.

Bet on Snooker With Bet365!

How to Make a Bet on Snooker With Bet365?

To place bets on snooker with Bet365, you need to follow the guide we have created for you describing the overall process. So read and complete your snooker bet step-by-step.

Step 1: Create a Bet365 account by simply going to the Join section, verifying, and funding it.

register at bet365

Step 2: Head to the Sports or In-Play section and pick Snooker.

Head to the Sports or In-Play section and pick Snooker

Step 3: Select one form of suggested snooker competition, and pick the event and the market you want to bet on.

Select one form of suggested snooker competition

Step 4: Determine the odds and the stake you want to place.

Determine the odds and the stake you want to place

Step 5: To terminate your actions tap on Place Bet.

To terminate your actions tap on Place Bet

As you are already aware of the process of placing the right snooker bets, it is time to know all about bonuses, offers, and promotions Bet365 has for your snooker bets.

Make a Bet on Snooker With Bet365!

Bet365: Offers for Betting on Snooker

The most important and good bonus you can apply for on the Bet365 platform is the sign-up bonus on your first deposit. Bet365 customers can deposit ₹400 and qualify for 15% of their amount in Bet Credits up to ₹4000. To claim the bonus, you need to bet your qualifying deposit amount 12 times. You have only 30 days to meet bonus requirements, and the minimum odds for claiming the bonus is 1.2 odds or more.

The other great offer relating to odds you can take advantage of on the Bet365 website is odds boost. Due to this feature, bookies boost specific events’ odds. You can see boosted odds easily as they are mentioned with a green arrow.

Note that Bet365 has acca insurance for your bets, which means that your money is refunded if one selection is lost. So you can place an accumulator bonus to enhance your possible snooker winning if you predict few players have chances to win.

You can also use a money-back offer on your first bet, and if it loses, your money is refunded. Now let’s examine which snooker tournaments and competitions you can use these offers.

Snooker Tournaments You Can Bet on at Bet365

Snooker Tournaments

Bet365 provides snooker events from all over the world with great odds, so you are given a large selection for your snooker bets. Events are being ranked and unranking. The biggest and most reputable events of snooker are included in World and UK championships. Then comes a different high-ranking tournament called Masters invitational tournament, which also allows you are placing bets in different popular markets with high odds.

With Bet365, you can also enjoy competitions and tournaments like the British Open, Northern Ireland Open, Scottish Open, English Open, and Welsh Open.

To place bets with good outcomes and good features Bet365 has a great list of markets you will undoubtedly appreciate.

Popular Snooker Betting Markets & Terms

On the Bet365 platform, you can find the most popular markets and even new ones you will never see on other platforms. That’s why placing bets with Bet365 is so exciting. Here is the list of betting types you can use while forming snooker bets.

The match winner is one of the top markets. Here you just pick the player who is likely to win the event. You are also given a chance to pick different winners and combine them in the form of an acca bet.

Handicap winner is usually used when one of the opponents has advantages over another. This is one of the most profitable markets if you place your bet reasonably, as it gives you a good value.

Correct score is the market where you should determine the winner and the winning score.

The highest break market allows you to bet on the one who will rack up the biggest break, no matter who the winner is. Note that this is a two-way market.

Total frame; here, you place over/under bets with a certain number of frames. So here, the gist is the number of played frames before one of the players reaches the magic number.

The number of centuries is one of the most favorite bet types in snooker Championships. Here you place an over/under bet with a certain number on the game century scored. You can place both single and combined bets.

Here are some snooker betting terms you need to know before placing bets.

Break: this is the total number of points the player has during one table approach and includes potting balls constantly.

Century: this is a break with 100 or more points.

Clearance: This includes an individual player potting all the remaining balls on the table.

Foul: this is when the player hits the wrong ball or the white ball falls in the pocket.

Frame: each snooker event consists of frames. The frame is played until the result of the event is decided, and it wins; then, the player has a big advantage of points.

Free ball: sometimes, after a foul, the player has an opportunity to pick any ball and pot on any colored ball.

Pot: this is when the player hits with white another ball, and it falls into the pocket.

Snooker: with this option, you can block the opponent’s direct way through to the object ball.

You can use all these features and markets also at live snooker events.

Watch Snooker With Bet365 Here!

Snooker Live Betting at Bet365

Snooker Live Betting at Bet365

Of course, with a bookmaker like Bet365, you have an opportunity to place in-play snooker bets. Here you are open to using all markets and teams you usually use for pre-match events. In-play wagering allows you to place bets when the match is taking place.

Bet365 Snooker Live Streams

Bet365’s broadcasts section is full of worldwide snooker and other sport live streams. You can enjoy snooker streaming with high video and sound quality using the highest odds and popular markets. Note that you should have a founded account to have access to Bet365 live section.

Bet365 Snooker Betting App

Bet365 provides both Android and iOS apps to make betting on their platform more convenient for their customers, as using the app, you can place your bets whenever and wherever you are. Apps are designed to be easy to use and accessible even to those who are new to betting. You are open to using all services and features on the app they provide on the site. Apps can be downloaded from their official sites, iOS app can be found on the App Store.

Bet on Snooker With Bet365 on Mobile App!

Snooker Betting Tips & Strategies

Snooker Betting Tips & Strategies

We have separated some useful tips for you to make more profitable snooker bets on the Bet365 platform.

Always take long-term research; there are a bunch of snooker events nowadays, and sometimes it is getting harder to make the right selection. So make research, look at previous events of players, and compare scores they have had before. This will help you make a more correct and balanced choice for your bet.

Stay in the format you have used initially. Remember that all big tournaments are being held over short-format distances. If you lose four from many ranking events in Championship, you will be out of competition, and it can often pay to distinguish short-format form from traditional long matches.

Try to use your own head as the reason that in a head-to-head market, one player has advantages over others, mostly depending on their ability differences or variance, but not the players’ style or mental block. And all these aspects are directly related to the price.

Broadcasters mostly put the same big-name snooker players’ names on the TV after the tournament. But the results can be deceptive. So we recommend you watch as many snooker events as possible because watching matches and drawing conclusions can tell you more than the results given by streamers.

Sometimes you will not like the price given by a bookmaker for a match or for one of the players. So always look for other markets where you can place your bets differently from straight betting types. You can consider handicap or correct score as a good market for your bet. It is greatly possible to find a better price for your bet in other markets.

Conclusion – Why Choose Bet365 for Snooker Betting?

Bet365 can be considered one of the best platforms for snooker betting as here; the punters are provided with high odds, a wide list of markets, and great features each punter will undoubtedly appreciate. So our final decision is that this is one of the best snooker sites out there. We hope our tips and detailed information helped you while placing snooker bets.


How Snooker Odds are Calculated?

While calculating snooker odds a simple formula is used, it is the ratio of 100% to a percentage of the probability. So if the bets probability is 55%, to gain the stage of the event probability, we should take 100%/55% and get 1.81.

Can I Make Money Betting on Snooker?

In the case of placing reasonable bets, you really can earn money by betting on snookers.

Where Can I Watch Snooker Live Stream?

Create a Bet365 account, fund it and navigate to the In-Play section. Here you can find all available live snooker events.

Where Can I See the Calendar, Matches, and Snooker Results?

Navigate to the Bet365 website, tap on the Extra button, then select Results here you can see the results of previous marches. Upcoming matches and calendars can be seen in the Sports and In-Play sections by tapping on Snooker.

Where Can I Watch Snooker News?

Navigate to the Bet365 website, tap on the Extra button, then select News. Here you can see not only news relating to snooker but also other sports news.

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