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We can surely say that football is the most popular sport in the world. Almost every bookmaker, including Bet365, has football betting as its main priority. Bonuses and promotions are offered for football more than for any other sport. In this article, we will discuss Bet365 soccer betting. The main focus will be on bet types and markets, as well as the promotions for football. We will also provide basic betting tips on football for newbies to help getting started and improve their chances of winning.

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How to Bet on Football at Bet365?

The website is built with proficiency in terms of navigation and usage, so you will not face any difficulty while trying to place soccer bets. However, here is a simple step-by-step guide to getting started with football betting at Bet365.

Step 1: Register to Bet365 or log into your account if you are already registered․

register at bet365

Step 2: Deposit funds into your account․

Deposit funds into your account.

Step 3: Choose soccer from the left side menu.

Choose soccer from the left side menu

Step 4: Choose the markets you want to place your bet on.

Choose the markets you want to place your bet on

Step 5: Enter the stake and place the bet.

Enter the stake and place the bet

After you go to the soccer section, you will see the navigation bar at the top where everything related to football betting is included in tabs: Coupons, Outrights, Offers, Jackpots, and Free Games.

All current bets are included in the Coupons tab, where you can find all currently active leagues and tournaments. The page is designed in a way that all markets are divided and combined into categories such as lines, main props, team props, player props, etc. Each category also has various types between which the markets are distributed. This design makes it easier to place bets by choosing the markets, but you can also go to the match menu, where you can find all markets offered for that match.

In the Outrights tab, you will find the outright betting options. In two words, an outright bet is a wager placed on the overall winner of a league or competition rather than a single match or event. These bets can be made before the competition starts, but markets may also be available during the competition. Outright bets allow you to select the champion of tournaments like the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, UEFA European Championship, Copa America etc.

There is also the Offers tab which is a super useful feature, as here you can find all promotions and bonuses that apply to football at Bet365. There are jackpot offers for soccer at Bet365, which can be found in the Jackpot section. Unfortunately, by the time of creating this article, the Free Games section is empty. Let us now review the most common market types at Bet365.

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Three-Way Money Line

The most simple and popular market in betting is the Moneyline or the match-winner bet. You simply choose the outcome of the event. There are two-way and three-way moneyline bets: the three-way includes a draw.


Spreads in betting are used to make matches more even by giving the underdog an advantage. For example, if there is a – 2 spread means that the team that you backed needs to win with at least a 3 goal advantage for you to win the bet. The point spread is essentially a handicap towards the underdog. Soccer includes spreads when it’s between two unevenly matched teams. In these types of games, favorites are given spreads between 1-3 goals. This means that they need to win by more than that spread for you to win your bet.

Total at Bet365

Totals are the second favorite type of bet in betting. Totals apply to score, cards, corners, etc. By making a total bet, customers choose the total number of goals, corners, and other countable events in the game for both matches. The total can be over or under a specified number. For example, a total of over 4.5 in football means that both teams together have to score five or more goals in the match for you to win the bet.

Asian Handicaps at Bet365

A handicap is a type of bet that gives an edge or disadvantage to the selected team or the player on a specified bet. It can be expressed in goals, points, seconds, etc. The outcome of an event with an allowance for handicaps is determined by adding the handicap to the actual result. It splits your stake in half, and you can get a different result for each half at the end. One half of your bet competes for the draw and wins, and the other for the draw and loses. Asian handicap is indicated by fractional numbers, such as +1.25, -2.75, etc.

Exotics and Accumulators Based on Spreads and Totals in Bet365

Exotic bets are special bets offered by the bookmaker, such as the exact score, method of win, a fan running into the pitch, and other unique events that the bookmaker can provide on certain matches. The accumulator bet is a common type of bet where you choose multiple events that are not related and combine them in one bet making higher odds but raising the risk of losing at the same time, as you will lose the whole bet if one of the selected markets loses. Bet365 also has great promotions for accumulators.

Bet on Both Teams to Score

Both teams to score is a simple bet. As the name speaks for itself, for you to win the bet, both teams need to score at least one goal.

Other Popular Bet Types

There are many other popular football bets at Bet365 bets such as double score, who will score, and many options with cards, goals, offsides, corners, fouls, etc.

Offers for Bet365 Players

Bet365 Betting Tips

Bet365 has great promotional offers for new and regular customers. As football is the most popular sport, most of the promos apply to it.

All new customers get a sign-up offer, where you can get £50 if you sign-up and bet £10. The free bets can be used for football.

Place a pre-match accumulator of 3 or more selections on the standard Full-Time Result, Both Teams To Score, or Result/Both Teams To Score markets, and if your bet is successful, an additional 2.5 – 70% will be added to your winnings once all matches have finished. More details can be found in the Extra section of the website, where the exact number of legs and the percentages are mentioned.

There is also an amazing promo for the moneyline bets, the two goals ahead early payout, which gives users an option to manually settle match-winner bets immediately if the team they backed is ahead in the score by two goals.

There is always the chance that a player you have bet on could be substituted because of injury. Bet365 has a very attractive offer, Soccer Substitute Guarantee, meaning if your player is taken off before half-time, Bet365 will return your stake as Bet Credits on selected markets.

Finally, the bore draw money back promotion will return your stake if there is a draw in the game on which you placed an exact score bet.

The bookmaker constantly updates the promo section bringing new and exciting bonuses every time.

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The Best Soccer Events to Bet On

Offers for Bet365 Players

In the betting business, Bet365 is clearly one of the best, so we can guess that all popular football leagues are covered by this bookmaker. Here is the list of the most well-known and watched football tournaments available at Bet365: Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, UEFA European Championship, Copa America, Europa League, Olympics Soccer, Copa Libertadores, Africa Cup of Nations, Fa Cup, Confederations Cup, Copa Del Rey.

Live Streaming and In-Play Football Betting at Bet365

Many fans love to place bets while watching the game and make predictions during the match. This makes live betting equally important to pre-match betting, and Bet365 acknowledges this fact by paying huge attention and resources to keep the high mark in this aspect of betting. They manage to offer amazing live markets during the matches with great odds.

Not all bookmakers manage to stream sports events as it is very expensive and to get a streaming license, a platform must have influence and popularity, and the website must be built with the capacity to stream. Bet365 managed to bring high-quality live streams of Soccer games to make live betting even better on the platform.

To use the Live Streaming service, you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. Check our Bet365 link above to access the full schedule. Once logged in, you will access the stream for the best leagues covered by Bet365.

In addition, there is a live audio streaming service where you can listen to the game commentary without having to log in, which is awesome.

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Bet365 Soccer Betting Odds

Odds are one of the main factors to determine the bookmaker’s betting service. Bet365 provides competitive odds for pre-match and live markets of soccer. The odds are very good themselves, but the bookmaker also offers odd boosts for many football events, making your bets more profitable, while the risk of loss will not increase.

Bet365 Betting Tips

Bet365 Betting Tips

Bet365 is an excellent bookmaker. However, they perform poorly in this aspect as you can’t find any betting tips on the website, which is crucial for newbie bettors to get started. To make things a little bit easier, we made some general tips to help our readers to place more or less effective bets on soccer.

  • If there is an almost-sure win in any matchup, always take advantage of it
  • If the safe bets have low odds, you can always combine a few of them to make a higher reward
  • Look for the underdogs that are very likely to win
  • Do not exaggerate wins with multiples or events that are unlikely to happen
  • Place multiple tickets that cover the majority of possible outcomes to lower the risk
  • Always take advantage of features and promotions

By sticking to these basic tips, you will have more success and can improve over time to place more complicated bets as you get more experienced.

Basic Features of Bet365 for Betting

Finally, it is time to talk about the tools and features that Bet365 provides. The main features are the edit bet, cash-out, and bet builder.

The Edit Bet feature allows you to make changes to your unsettled bets, both before the match starts and while it’s in progress. You can add, remove or swap selections, and adjust the stake amount. Additionally, you can change the bet type to any multiple option available or swap between Win Only and Each Way options. For example, you can change your unsettled treble bet into three separate doubles bets.

Cash-out allows bettors to withdraw their bet prematurely and get a certain amount of money in the process. Cash out your bet is suggested by the bookmaker, depending on the situation during or even before the match. If your bet is winning, the bookmaker will offer to cash out an amount higher than the stake you bet but lesser than the possible win.

Bet builder is a feature that allows combining betting markets of an event that are related and can’t be combined in regular accumulators. The maximum number of selections is 12.

We have articles about those features, where you can find all the information you need about them. Please check them out on our website.

Conclusion – Should You Bet on Football at Bet365?

Soccer betting is covered by many bookmakers. However, not many bookmakers can provide the quality that Bet365 has. The sportsbook covers many international leagues and tournaments, from the major ones to lesser popular ones with competitive odds. At Bet365, your bets will always participate in promotions making them more profitable and satisfying. The platform works without any flaws, the payments are 100% secure, easy, and quick to complete. You can place football bets on mobile apps and participate in various fun promotions.


Where can I see soccer results?

Soccer and other sports results can be seen in the Results tab of the Extra section of the bookmaker.

Where to watch live soccer?

Bet365 offers live streams of soccer games directly on the website.

How can I successfully bet on soccer?

To place successful bets, you have to know the sport very well and catch the finest opportunities it provides.

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