Bet365 Stadium: Stoke City & Football Ground Guide (2023)

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Are you a fan of Stoke City Football Club? Do you usually place bets and go to the Stadium for real-life experiences? If all this is about you, our comprehensive article about Bet365 Stadium will easily match your interests. We will introduce the most important facts and information connected to the home of the second oldest English Club, Stoke City.

The Most Iconic Stadium in England –  Bet365 Stadium

Bet365 Stadium

The home and the main area of one of the widely admired and loved EFL Championship clubs, Stoke City, is Bet365 Stadium. It was built on the 30th of August in 1997 and replaced the Victoria Ground, the initial homeplace of the football club. As long as the Britannia Building Society sponsored the building process, the Stadium was called the Britannia Stadium. However, due to its new parent company, the Stadium was renamed Bet365 Stadium on the 1st of June in 2016. It’s an imposing and outstanding stadium standing upon a hill.

We want to present you with some important regulations before visiting it. Here they are

  1. Despite the purchased ticket, your entry can be refused by any authorized steward or police officer,
  2. The admission will not be given to people subject to Football Spectators Act 1989 or Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994,
  3. Bet365 Stadium possibly excludes any loss, damage, or injury in or around the Stadium,
  4. The Club doesn’t give any guarantees about the time and the date of the match and deserves the right to change it,
  5. If the match has been postponed, further refunds will be made in accordance with the Club’s Customer Charter,
  6. The Club has the right to search for any person trying to enter the Stadium,
  7. The admission of the people possessing the following articles will be refused by Bet365 Stadium: hazardous items, knives, laser devices, fireworks, bottles, smoke canisters, glass vessels, airhorns, poles, etc.

Bet365 Stadium Facts

Furthermore, reading some quick facts about the Stadium would be interesting.

Year of Establishment 1997
Pitch Size 100 x 64
Average Attendance 27,500
Capacity 28,300
Initial Name Britannia Stadium
Costs £14.7 million
Place Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England
Club Hosted Stoke City
Sponsor Bet365

Stoke City

As we have already mentioned above, Stoke City is an English professional club that started its journey in the 1860s and was one of the funding clubs of the Football League. Initially having Victoria Ground as the main Stadium, they were called Stoke Ramblers.

Furthermore, the official name was changed to Stoke, then, in 1925, to Stoke City.

However, the nickname of the football club famous among its fans is The Potters. The highest achievement of Stoke City up to date is the League Cup taken in 1972.

Additionally, the Club’s main rivals are Port Vale, West Brom, and Wolves.

What Can You Expect From The Bet365 Stadium Experience?

Bet365 Stadium tries its best to offer a remarkable, memorable and exciting matchday experience under its roof, providing safety and comfort to the visitors who want to enjoy their favourite sports events and games. It should be said right away that even though placing bets brings a special kind of happiness, attendance at a live football match is followed by a torrent of emotions as well that can’t be described in words. If you are a group of 10 people or more the Stadium has special offers for you, such as decreased pricing rates, together seats, and personalized service during the match. Please don’t lose the opportunity of watching the game of one of the oldest football clubs in England and feel its beauty.

Take a Chance and Wager on Stoke City

Considering that betting is an essential aspect of having a good football experience, we recommend two links that support placing bets in advance.

Official Website Link
Unofficial Website Link The Oatcake Fanzine Message Board

Make Wagering More Fun and Exciting With Bet365 Stadium App

As long as everyone seeks easier access to Stoke City matches, bets, and updates, the company has designed a special app that can be downloaded from both Play Market and App Store. It’s noteworthy that the app is so comprehensive, surely being a deserved replacement for a website version. You can find every single essential information there, such as match dates, ticket prices, news, available bets, opening hours, ways to get to the Stadium, stay nearby, etc. Having the mobile apps on your phone, you will undoubtedly experience the real fun and excitement of the matchday.

What is the Experience Like for Visiting Supporters?

Bet365 Stadium

Are you an away fan? If yes, continue reading to figure out the main details of your visit.

Away fans are usually accommodated on one side of the Sharp Stand. Here almost 2800 visitors can be accommodated. Note that this place provides the fans with quite good facilities and views.

Furthermore, it’s important to mention that the Stadium is on a high hill; therefore, strong winds are quite likely to occur. Talking about the inside part of the Stadium, we would like to say that it’s quite disappointing. To continue, in order to make the matchday a little bit different, you can try traditional Oatcake and beer, which can be found behind the Main Stand.

Moreover, bear in mind that the Stadium’s atmosphere can be pressuring as Stoke City fans can be so passionate about the team and the match. Therefore, keep the flags close to the ground to escape any further intimidation.

Pubs & Bars For Away Fans Near Bet365 Stadium

Pubs & Bars For Away Fans Near Bet365 Stadium

Are you an away fan searching for an appropriate bar?

We are here to help you with this, presenting the most friendly ones nearby Bet365 Stadium.

The Glebe

The Glebe is a small pub in the center of Old Stoke at 35 Glebe Street, Stoke On Trent, ST4 1HG (01782 860 670). It is approximately a 10-15 minute walk from the Stadium. Nice food and beer can be found in this location.

The Power League

The Power League is the closest bar to the Bet365 Stadium, being only 300 meters away from it at the address of Dennis Viollet Avenue Off Stanley Matthews Way, ST4 4TN (01782 370 066). It is a suitable place for a family visit.

The White Star

The White Star is also a nice bar with a friendly and warm atmosphere in the city’s central part at 63 Kingsway, Stoke-On-Trent, ST4 1JB (01782 922489). Almost 5-6 minutes will be required to get there. Surely, tasty food is served in this location.

Best of Bet365 Stadium Hotels

Another important aspect of your stay in Stoke-on-Trent is the accommodation. Doing small research about the hotels, we picked the best ones which are worth taking into consideration.

Holiday Inn Express – £48+

Holiday Inn Express - £48+

Location Stanley Matthews Way, Trentham Lakes, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4EG (200 meters away from the Bet365 Stadium)
What is included Bar, Lounge, Laundry Service, Meeting Room

North Stafford Hotel – £55+

North Stafford Hotel - £55+

Location Winton Square, Station Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 2AE (near the Stoke-on-Trent station)
What is included Restaurant, Bar, Conference Room, Self-Parking

Whiston Hall Golf Club – £90+

Whiston Hall Golf Club - £90+

Location Black Lane, Whiston, Stoke-on-Trent, ST10 2HZ (10 kilometers away from the Bet365 Stadium)
What is included Golf Courte, Bar, Conference Room

Find the Perfect Seat at Bet365 Stadium with Our Seating Plan Guide!

Bet365 Stadium is one of the most complicated ones to handle. The reason is its geographical location and structure. However, we will tell you about three main Stands of it.

The first one we would like to mention is Boothen End, sponsored by Staffordshire University & The Tile Mountain Stand. It is also called the North Stand and is connected with the East one. Actually, it surrounds the half pitch and includes the Family Zone as well.

Let’s continue with The Franklyn Stand, which is considered to be the West Stand. Basically, it is designed for media and corporate workers. However, it can house Stoke City’s fans as well.

And finally, The OBI Stand is the South one, housing mainly away fans. It is connected with the North Stand.

Directions & Parking

From our perspectives, it’s time to present the main directions to the Bet365 Stadium and car parking tips essential to know. Here are the main steps on how to get there:

  1. Choose M6 and go out of it at Junction 15,
  2. Go towards A500,
  3. Pass the Junction with A34,
  4. Turn left when you will see signposted Bet365 Stadium,
  5. The Stadium will be on your right.

Parking Near Bet365 Stadium

Note that car parking near the Stadium costs £5. We would like to present to you some recommendations and suggestions from the fans who have already experienced car parking.

Andy Fenwick recommends not to park around the stadium in order to escape for any kind of parking tickets.

Matt Goldstraw gives us the direction information if you have a south car park tickets. He recommends going towards A500 and leaving it at the first junction. Furthermore, what he tells is that you need to turn right and countinue the way towards A34.

Justin Herriman informs us that overall almost 300 parking places can be found. If you want to have the quickest acces to one of them, you should go to A50 and buy the ticket from there. Note that it is only £4 per car.

Besides these recommendations, we picked some hustle-free car parks. Here they are

  • South Car Park,
  • Power League Complex,
  • Heron Cross School and Bowling Club,
  • Longton Rugby Club,
  • Glebe Street Shuttle Bus,
  • Screwfix Direct,
  • Grove Road (street parking).

Useful Resources

Here are useful resources you can take advantage of

  • Parking – Just Park
  • Train Travel – RailEasy

Experience the Thrill of Stoke City Football Club at Unbeatable Prices

Are you searching for Stoke City match tickets? It’s important to buy them from direct sellers and places at fair prices. In the following header, we will discuss the main details of it.

How To Get Stoke City Tickets?

The best place to buy from is the Stadium’s website. You can also get them via the phone call to the Club’s office. It is so likely to see sellers on the match day located near the Stadium. We would recommend you not to buy from them, as they are third-party ticket owners. In the event you want to buy near the Stadium, go to the Box office.

Where to Buy?

If you consider buying a ticket online as the best option, here is the link for it – Ticket Compare.

Hospitality of Bet365 Stadium

Stoke City, being an English Premier League Club, conducts Hospitality match days. It usually suits every kind of budget, interest, and desire. As an example, we would like to present The 1863 Lounge, during which visitors had tasty food and refreshments during the match.

How to Get to the Bet365 Stadium?

Another important issue which should be discussed is the options you may have to get to the Stadium. In the following header, we will talk about the main ways which can be used for that particular purpose.

By Train

If you come from London, Derby, Bermingham, Crewe, and Manchester, you can catch the direct train to  Stoke-on-Trent Railway Station. Furthermore, you can take the shuttle bus from the station to the Stadium itself.

By Bus

If you want to reach the Stadium by bus, go to the Stoke-on-Trent Central Bus Station, and take the N20 bus.

Bet365 Stadium History

Bet365 Stadium History

As long as we have already discussed a lot about the Bet365 Stadium, let’s have a look at its history as well.

Ground History

To start, it’s noteworthy to mention that the initial home of Stoke City was Victoria Ground, which was built in 1997. Later it was replaced with The Britannia Stadium and, finally, with the Bet365 Stadium. £14.7 million was spent on rebuilding the place, which has 27,902 capacity.

About Stoke City

As we have already mentioned above, Stoke City is an English professional club that started its journey in the 1860s, being one of the twelve founding members of the Football League. Initially having Victoria Ground as the main Stadium, they were called Stoke Ramblers.

Furthermore, the official name was changed to Stoke, and then, in 1925, to Stoke City.

However, the nickname of the football club famous among its fans is The Potters. The highest achievement of Stoke City up to date is the League Cup taken in 1972.

Additionally, the Club’s main rivals are West Brom, Wolves, and Port Vale.

Future Developments

Since 2006, the Stadium plan has been designed. However, little steps have been taken for that, such as expanding the South East corner with additional places. We are hopeful that further progress will be made soon.

Explore the Storied Grounds and Fascinating Museums of this Venue with a Guided Tour

Bet365 offers guided tours as well, which take place several times a week. For that, you need to buy an online ticket from the Stadium’s official website. Here it is

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