What Does Push Mean on Bet365? – Explained (2023)

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What does push mean on Bet365? A push on Bet365 refers to a situation where the bettor’s bet is neither a win nor a loss. The push usually occurs when there is a tie between the bettor and the bookmaker. In other words, you will neither win nor lose when the outcome is a push. Does it look confusing? This review aims to describe the basics behind this scenario and explain the cases when you might face it.
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Push Meaning in Bet365

push bet bet365

Bet365 Push has similarities with other bookmakers’ ties, as it explains the situation when there is a tie between a player and the bookie on a bet. Push primarily refers to specific types of bets, such as point spread bets, over/under bets, or Moneyline bets. For example, if the team you backed records a win by the exact spread of points, the bet is declared a tie (considering the bookmaker’s offer when you placed your stake). You may encounter a push when betting on football, cricket, kabaddi, etc. Remember that a push means your stake will be returned, and you won’t have the chance to win any additional money from the bet. Some bookmakers will refund your stake, especially if the push was caused by things beyond your control (a player getting injured or a game being postponed).

Who Wins in a Push Bet?

As mentioned, there are no winners and losers when the bet is a push. Players get a full refund and remain with the same balance. On the other hand, bookies do not win but do not lose money either. So, which types of bets can result in a push?

Types of Bets That Can Push

A push bet usually occurs when bettors wager on the Point Spread and Over/Under markets. For example, you bet on a basketball match where one team is the favorite, and the spread is set at +/- 15. If the game finishes 100-85 and the favorite wins, the bookmaker will consider the bet a push. Or, you bet on an over/under market, and the outcome provides the same number, resulting in a push.

Sometimes, a push can happen with the Moneyline market. For example, the game finishes in a tie, which was not available among the options, resulting in a push bet. Note that bookmakers usually avoid pushes and offer bets on decimal numbers to increase their winning chances.

Finally, pushes can also apply to bet tickets with multiple selections. If one of your selections pushes, bookmakers will exclude it from the bet slip and consider the remaining selections. In other words, if you place a bet with multiple selections and one of the selections ends in a push, the push will not be included in the calculations for determining your potential winnings. Instead, it will be treated as if the bet was not placed, and the remaining selections will be used to calculate your potential winnings.

Difference Between Pushes, Ties & Draws

Pushes, Ties & Draws in bet365

You might think that pushes, ties, and draws are the same in betting. However, there are tiny differences between these three words.

You already know what a push does. This term explains the scenario when neither bettors nor bookies gain profits.

A tie on a bet explains the phenomenon when players/teams show the same outcome once the game ends. If the latter happens, bookies fully refund the bets.

Draws happen when the game is not finished. Under those circumstances, players will fully regain their stakes, while a bet will be considered void.

It is worth mentioning that ties and draws mainly refer to Sportsbook bets, while pushes also apply to casinos. In other words, ties and draws are specific to sports betting, while pushes can occur in sports betting and casino games.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Push Bet?

A push bet is often a beneficial or strategic way to minimize the total risk of loss for a bettor. Before placing a wager, you can examine the Point Spread or Over/Under markets to come up with a selection that could lead to a win or result in a push. For instance, the point spread for the favorite is not as wide as expected. You can heavily back your team/player to succeed and make a push bet to increase your profit. Additionally, you can add a push bet to your bet slip to minimize losses from your initial selection. In other words, if you are concerned about the potential risk of losing a bet, consider adding a push bet to your bet slip to reduce your potential losses. This can be a useful strategy for managing your betting risks and maximizing your chances of success. Keep in mind that push bets are not always a guarantee, as the outcome of the games can be unpredictable, and the exact result can vary.
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Bet365 push refers to the cases when there is a tie between bettors and the operator. Push bets can help new customers avoid losses, while experienced users can take advantage and place potentially successful stakes. This option refers to a few bet markets, explained in this review.

The chances that you will deal with this scenario are not high. Nevertheless, you should know the basics behind this concept in the industry to make sure everything is clear in the future. Understanding the rules and regulations surrounding push bets is important, as they can be a useful tool in your betting strategy. However, it is also necessary to be aware of the risks and limitations of any form of betting. Remember that even if you experience a push, you will not be considered the winner and will not receive any winnings from the bet.


Does push destroy express?

What does a push mean for your parlay bet? Push will not necessarily harm your parlay bet but decrease your potential winning amount. Usually, bookmakers exclude a push bet from express tickets and do not count it once all bets are settled.

What are the risks of using a push bet?

There are some risks regarding a push bet. You might lose your bet if a game ends in a tie. Additionally, the bookmaker can not return your wager if the Points Spread and the final score are precisely similar. Regarding Bet365, it is indicated in the rules that, on some occasions, they will consider a selection void if the event results in a push.

What are the 3 most popular types of accumulator bets?

There are various types of accumulator bets. Some of them are more common among the clients, including doubles, triples, and Lucky15. The first two types are easy to explain. You must combine two bets with your double and three with a triple. Regarding Lucky15, it should contain four selections. However, this accumulator type should cover 15 bets, including singles, doubles, trebles, and a 4-fold accumulator. If one selection wins, you get a return.

What happens if free play pushes?

Bet365 considers giving customers additional in-play free bets if a free-play bet pushes. The reason is the risk of losing bet credits because of a push. To receive an in-play free bet in the event of a push, punters should place a pre-match bet on Bet365.com. In other words, if you place a pre-match bet with Bet365 and it ends in a push, you may be eligible to receive an in-play free bet as compensation for the risk of losing your bet credits.

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