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Anyone looking to register for a sports betting website should consider Bet365, one of the most well-known gambling organizations in the world. Since Bet365 is accessible on mobile and desktop, it’s a fantastic option for most punters. This article will outline the Bet365 Wrestling betting process, offer advice on reducing losses, and provide details on the various promotions, markets, and wrestling events. Bet365 wrestling isn’t available, but we will inform you if they add WWE betting.

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment is a professional wrestling organization based in the USA. It is a multinational media and entertainment corporation. Continue reading if you want to know more about Bet365 Wrestling.

Bet on WWE With Bet365!

How to Bet on WWE at Bet365?

Bet on WWE at Bet365

When it comes to gambling on WWE on Bet365, numerous significant elements exist. This section explains how to obtain WWE odds, highlights the primary markets, provides various important suggestions, and more.

To begin, punters must visit the bookmaker’s official website and create an account. You must first sign up and create an account to place a bet. In addition, the customer must fund the betting account using one of the offered deposit methods. Following that, bettors must select WWE from the sports sections (if available). Now that you’ve seen the many matches, betting markets, and options available, select the preferred match, the type of wager, and the desired odds. Your bets will be placed in the betslip after you complete the preceding stages. Finally, select Place Bet if your selection is correct.

Is Everything Decided in Advance in WWE?

All the outcomes are decided in advance, and the competitors have practiced safe techniques in and around the ring for years. Certain wrestlers will, of course, be greatly favored to win, while others will be underdogs. Although bookmakers’ lines can be used to predict the outcome of a match, there is no way to know if a wrestler is sure to win or lose.

With that in mind, you should stick to the storylines and place your bets based on what the scriptwriters are estimated to do next. Therefore, it is more about wagering on the storylines than the match itself.

WWE Odds – How Do They Work?

WWE odds operate in the same manner that odds for other sports do. Like many sports, the win/loss (Moneyline) wager is the most prevalent bet. In a head-to-head match, the bookies will provide odds for each wrestler. All you have to do is check the odds and back your preferred wrestler. In addition, the finest WWE betting sites offer odds on props and futures wagers.

As mentioned above, the storylines are predetermined. Thus, the odds for WWE matches and tournaments change as storylines progress. To augment your chances of winning, we recommend staying up to date on all the latest developments and watching the odds daily in the run-up to significant events.

In addition, the finest WWE betting sites offer odds on props and futures bets. Here are some examples of wagers and odds for the most common marketplaces.

  • Head-to-head Matchups: Wrestler A (-120) vs. Wrestler B (+180)
  • Futures and Outrights: Wrestler C to Win the Belt (+150)
  • Props and Specials: Will Wrestler D Eliminate Wrestler E? (Yes -150/No +280)

Bonuses for Betting on WWE in Bet365

Bet365 provides significant promotions for a wide range of sports for bettors to enjoy the benefits. On the other hand, the WWE receives lesser offers and promotions than other major sports in India, such as cricket or football.

Bet365 offers its customers a free bet, the Open Account Offer for new clients. To receive this bonus, you must wager £10 to receive £50. So, unfortunately, there aren’t any promotions other than the free bet for WWE on Bet365.

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Bet365 WWE Betting Tips & Strategies

Wrestling matches can be entertaining to watch and bet on, as numerous betting markets are available. If you’re new to the sport, you could find adjusting difficult.

However, in order to increase your chances of winning, there are certain important tips you should be aware of if you want to bet confidently on WWE events.

First, punters should opt to learn about WWE before betting.

Second, Throughout the year, WWE holds several competitions. Refrain from mixing up one with the other. Please choose your favorite events and thoroughly research them. Before you begin betting, learn every rule, player, and player’s behavior.

Third, before you begin betting on a wrestling betting site, familiarize yourself with the WWE betting markets.

Fourth, keep an eye on the game’s different twists and turns because whether a player wins or loses depends on the script. It might not be easy to figure out what might come next, but recalling what the scriptwriters did in previous seasons and how some situations played out can help. Spending time to know what’s happening inside and outside the ring can be useful. Determine if the event will feature a new player or a well-known personality. The point is to be aware of the WWE news and to do some research before betting.

Fifth, there will always be a balanced game. Both the top-trending and underdog positions are given opportunities to advance. Understanding tiny aspects and changes in the matches can help you win more games. However, there’s a solid case for backing the most popular wrestlers when betting on match winners or the next WWE title belt holders.

Sixth, to augment your winnings, add accumulators before PPV events.

Events for WWE Betting at Bet365

Events for WWE Betting at Bet365

WWE matches are held throughout the year, with weekly Raw, NXT, Main Event, and Smackdown broadcasts. However, (PPV) events are major markets at sports betting sites. Since these are the biggest and most entertaining wrestling tournaments, they naturally draw the most bettors. Let’s look at some of the most popular WWE betting events.

Bet365: Royal Rumble

Every January, the WWE Royal Rumble is considered one of the most prominent nights on the wrestling calendar. The main event matches 30 wrestlers against each other, with WWE betting odds as high as 100/1. The 2018 Royal Rumble was the first to include a Women’s Royal Rumble match alongside the men’s match, and it has been included in every Royal Rumble event after that.

Bet365: WrestleMania

Another popular WWE event is Wrestlemania, which normally airs on television in April or March and contains the greatest stars in the business. Wrestlemania is always jam-packed with matches, making it an excellent occasion to deposit a wrestling betting accumulator. It is the world’s most popular, longest-running professional wrestling event and has included well-known wrestlers such as The Undertaker, The Rock, and John Cena.

Bet365: Summer Slam

This event is held every August, with the 2019 SummerSlam including 12 matchups. It’s advertised as the biggest party of the summer.

Bet365: Survivor Series

Survivor Series, the fourth of the big four WWE events, takes place every November and typically features tag-team elimination matches.

While these are the most important WWE matches, the fun continues. WWE hosts other pay-per-view events, including Hell in a Cell, the Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, Super ShowDown, Extreme Rules, and Clash of Champions, all entertaining to watch and wager on.

Raw in WWE

Monday Night Raw is the longest-running WWE TV show, having first aired in 1993 as one of the three flagship shows of WWE. The night, broadcast live, allows wrestling fans to see red-brand stars like AJ Styles and Theory facing off against their opponents in the squared circle. The Raw brand is home to five of the 19 WWE championship titles, including the WWE Championship, Raw Women’s Championship, Raw tag team championship, Cruiserweight championship, and the United States championship.

SmackDown in WWE

WWE SmackDown, often known as SmackDown Live or SmackDown, is a professional wrestling program broadcast live on Tuesday nights on the USA network in the United States. SmackDown, which debuted in 1999, is a supplement to the flagship Monday Night Raw. It includes blue-brand warriors such as Roman Reigns. SmackDown has aired from 162 different arenas, 147 cities, and seven countries.

SmackDown currently has four separate championships specific to the brand: WWE Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, and WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion.


NXT, which debuted in 2010 and was briefly entangled in the Wednesday Night Wars with rival show AEW Dynamite, focuses on next-generation wrestling stars such as Roderick String and Cora Jade. Following WrestleMania 37, NXT relaunched as NXT 2.0 and began airing live from Florida’s Capitol Wrestling Center on Tuesdays.

NXT is comparable to professional wrestling’s minor leagues and the WWE. Though it is considered the lowest of the three divisions, there are nevertheless a lot of fans and action on it most of the time.

Main Event in WWE

WWE Main Event features lower-level Raw wrestlers. The show is produced as part of the Monday Night Raw undercard and airs on Thursdays.

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WWE Betting Markets at Bet365

Bet365 WWE Betting Tips & Strategies

WWE has many special and fascinating markets for bettors to wager on, such as: After/Next, Champion by, Feuds, To contest main events, Method of victory, First to be eliminated, Under/Over elimination time, and To be disqualified.

After/Next: This entails betting on who you believe will be the next wrestler to hold a title. So, since Roman Reigns is the current WWE Universal Champion, you’re speculating who will be the next champion to win the title and replace him.

Champion by: This is identical to the after/next market, except you’re betting on a wrestler becoming champion by a specific date, such as December 31, 2022.

Feuds: Feuds is another entertaining WWE betting market in which you guess that two wrestlers will fight in the ring before the match is scheduled.

To contest the main event: By betting on this market, you are predicting who will compete in the main event of a WWE match, such as Wrestlemania.

Method of Victory: It is about predicting the match’s end, such as by pinfall, submission, knockout, countout, or disqualification.

First to be eliminated: If you don’t think a wrestler has a chance, you might bet on them being the first to be eliminated from a multi-person event like the Royal Rumble.

Under/Over elimination time: In this game, you bet on how long you believe a wrestler will remain in the ring before being eliminated.

To be disqualified: Wrestlers are notorious for breaking the rules, and some bookmakers offer bets on who will be disqualified from a match or tournament.

Is It Possible to Bet on WWE on a Smartphone?

Yes, as long as the bookmaker offers betting on WWE on mobile through a user-friendly app. If you want to learn more about the Bet365 app and how to get it, take a look at our Bet365 India App Review.

Bet on WWE at With Bet365 by Smartphone!

Live Betting on WWE at Bet365

Bet365 enables you to place in-play bets on sporting events. Live betting is one of the greatest methods to enjoy online sports betting. In-play betting is highly recommended for newcomers to the WWE live betting industry.

Live Odds at Bet365

The live odds are available at Bet365, allowing viewers to put bets throughout the game rather than simply before its starts, causing the odds to varying according to what’s occurring throughout the play.

Bet365 Live Betting Features

Live betting is provided for a variety of sports. It is available once you create an account on their website. After registering, you can use your bet365 login to watch live streams and place live bets in the in-play betting section.

Bet365 Cash Out

Cash-out is available as part of the bets placed at Bet365. Bet365 offers more control, which is not offered on all sports betting platforms. You can withdraw your money whenever you wish and either cash out or leave some funds in your account. Cashout can come in handy when your wager is winning at the moment, but you don’t want to gamble a change of destiny in the excruciating final minutes of the match.

Editing Bets in Bet365

Bettors can use this tool to add, swap, or remove selections. Additionally, players can raise their wager on unsettled bets for both pre-match and in-play bets.

WWE Live Streaming on Bet365

You can use your bet365 login to live stream and place live bets in the in-play betting section whenever you wish. To be eligible for live streaming, You must have a paid Sports account or have bet within 24 hours of watching the live feeds. However, as mentioned before, WWE betting is currently unavailable on Bet365.

Popular Professional WWE Athletes

Some of the biggest pro wrestling talents hardly require an introduction, but we’ll try with our list of ten of WWE’s most popular pro wrestlers and their main acts.

The Rock: Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the sport’s biggest name since Hulk Hogan, and he’s also a box office superstar, best-selling author, and TV personality. He won his first WWE Championship at the 1998 Survivor Series, but it was only a foreshadowing of what was to come, as The Rock went on to win 17 championships in a career spanning over 20 years.

Seth Rollins: The initial NXT Champion, made his main roster debut as part of The Shield, one of the most imposing and steadfast trios in WWE history. Rollins is also a two-time WWE Champion and a two-time Universal Champion, making him the only professional wrestler to hold titles in all three WWE brands.

Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns is a Samoan-American wrestling star and is WWE’s golden kid, appearing on the SmackDown brand and currently holding the WWE Championship and Universal Championship belts; he was also the winner of Crown Jewel 2022. There have been numerous rivalries, but WWE believes the Tribal Chief’s biggest feuds have been with Triple H, Braun Strowman, and Brock Lesnar. The key issue for WWE fans is who will dethrone the double-world champion who has been reigning for a long time.

Brock Lesnar: For nearly 20 years, Brock Lesnar has been a dominant force in WWE. Lesnar’s massive victories gave him the WWE Championship’s youngest-ever winner at 25. Brock Lesnar left WWE in 2004 to pursue a career in the NFL but returned in 2012 as the Beast Incarnate.

John Cena: When John Cena made his WWE debut on a June 2002 edition of Smackdown after accepting an open challenge from Kurt Angle, he was on the losing side, but he was just getting started. Cena set an astonishing 16 world title records during his two-decade career, announcing his departure from WWE in 2020, but returned to battle Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2021 and again in 2022, when he debuted on Raw to commemorate his WWE debut’s 20th anniversary.

Triple H: Paul Levesque, now a WWE executive and executive producer of NXT, used to make his life inside the ring, winning 14 world championships as professional wrestler Triple H. Triple H married Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of WWE majority stockholders Vince and Linda McMahon, and the temporary CEO and Chairwoman of WWE. Triple H announced his retirement from competition in March 2022.

Ronda Rousey: She was the winner of the UFC’s inaugural female bantamweight championship and is an Olympic bronze medalist in judo. Following her retirement from MMA in 2016, Rousey made her full WWE debut at WrestleMania 34 in 2018, winning the Raw Women’s Championship the same year. Rowdy returned to the arena in 2022 to compete in the Royal Rumble after successfully retaining her title against Nikki Bella at WWE Evolution but losing to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35.

Charlotte Flair: Ashley Fliehr, aka Charlotte Flair, who won Rookie of the Year in 2014 and made her main roster debut in WWE in 2015, has won various events, including NXT TakeOver, Hell in a Cell, SummerSlam, and many more.

Paige: Born in the United Kingdom, Saraya-Jade Bevis signed with WWE in April 2011 and debuted in Florida Championship Wrestling in 2012. Following a successful run on NXT, Paige advanced to the main roster, where she won the Divas Championship in her first match in 2014, making her the youngest Diva Champion in WWE history.

Bianca Blair: Belair won the Women’s Royal Rumble Match in 2021 and topped Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s list of 150 female wrestlers the following year. Belair is currently the Raw Women’s Champion after defeating Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 38 in April 2022.

Conclusion – Is Bet365 Good for Betting on Wrestling?

Now that we have all the information we need, we can evaluate Bet365 and assess its pros and cons. Bet365 can be considered a solid sportsbook for punters to bet on any sport. Bet365 is a great bookmaker for WWE fans interested in gambling to bet on WWE at Bet365 because this bookie has numerous advantages, such as live streaming, editing bets, cash out, and free bets.

Also, Bet365 is available both on PC and on mobile (Android and iOS). The drawbacks that Bet365 has is that they provide fewer promotions relative to other sportsbooks, and their website is restricted in many countries. It can be considered a great sportsbook for WWE.


How real Is WWE?

WWE matches are scripted, and the outcome is predetermined. However, the maneuvers performed by the athletes are high-risk, so the contestants are well-conditioned athletes who know and understand the extreme dangers of professional wrestling; even in TLC, the athletes use tables, ladders, and chairs to beat each other. WWE makes their tables out of thin plywood or thin wood, including a small gap underneath the bottom to make it even easier to break through. Also, the ladders are made of aluminum and light metal, which limits injury risk.

Where is the best place to bet on WWE?

Some of the best bookmakers for WWE betting are 20Bet, Bet365, 22Bet, Betway, and 888Sport. Not every online sportsbook offers WWE betting to its users. You may also be able to find sites offering this type of wagering, but you may need to be certain whether they are legitimate. Most sportsbooks limit the number of winnings to safeguard themselves against a poor line or leaked information.

Do you need skills to bet on WWE or the outcome can only be guessed?

As mentioned above, WWE is scripted, and only a small group knows the match’s outcome. Thus, the best option is to stick to the plots and place your bets, depending on what the scriptwriters are expected to do next. Anticipation, in this case, is a skill.

What types of betting markets are available in WWE?

WWE betting markets include: After/Next, Champion by, Feuds, To contest main events, Method of victory, First to be eliminated, Under/Over elimination time, and To be disqualified.

Is it safe to bet on WWE at Bet365?

Betting on Bet365 is safe. The UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority both license and regulate them. Therefore, deposits and withdrawals are safe at Bet365. Bet365 takes responsible gambling seriously and has a dedicated microsite with a wealth of information and useful widgets to help you better regulate your gambling and receive support and guidance if needed.

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