How to Remove and Get Around Bet365 Self-Exclusion in India 2023

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Being a reputable and advanced betting provider Bet365 does everything to make betting on their platform enjoyable and keep you away from bet addiction. Bet365’s self-exclusion allows you to suspend your account for a specified period of time. After activating this, you will be unable to use your account for a while. Let’s get acquainted with the self-exclusion facility.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Self-Exclusion in Bet365

Here we have prepared step-by-step instructions on how you can put exclusion on your Bet365 account.

Step 1: Log into your account through a website or app using your login and password.

Log into your account

Step 2: Click on the Services button, then Member.

Click on the Services button

Step 3: Tap on My Account, and from the opened, pick Responsible Gambling Controls.

Tap on My Account

Step 4: Open the Self-Exclusion table.

Open the "Self-Exclusion" table

Step 5: Select the product and the period for your exclusion.

Select the product and the period for your exclusion

You can activate exclusion in a time period of five years, two years, one year and six months. Before confirming, ensure you have carefully read the rules.

How to Remove Bet365 self-exclusion?

When exclusion is on, you can only withdraw money from your account but not make deposits, place a bet, cancel it, activate bonuses, or take other actions. All restrictions are being kept to keep you away from suffering relapse. If it is time to remove exclusion, follow the steps of the guide below:

Step 1: Contact the site’s support team and ask them to activate your account. Note that you may be required to provide some account or personal details for verification, such as phone and ID documents.

Step 2: If your request is accepted, they will send you a confirmation email. You should go through the link to activate your account.

Step 3: Your account may be in a Cooling-off period before fully activating. In this period, all restrictions will be removed.

Step 4: If your exclusion is made by Gamestop, the only reasonable option is to find casino games and betting services platforms that are not on Gamestop.

Note that you can make exclusion removal if your exclusion period time is over.

How to Get Around Self-Exclusion Bet365?

Self-Exclusion Bet365


After some time passes from your exclusion, you may change your mind. But as you have already activated exclusion, you can’t deactivate it before the period is over. So if you are not a problem gambler, you can use these options before your Bet365 exclusion time is over.

  1. Register a family account on Bet365. You can create another account with a different name. Note that the bookmaker doesn’t allow multiple accounts from the same customer. In case they find out that the newly opened account is yours, it will be blocked immediately. So check if the details are different, create an account, pass verification and enjoy gambling.
  2. Create an account with other bookies. One suggested way to pass by exclusion is to find another betting provider. You can find a bookmaker which offers the same services and features Bet365 does.
  3. Navigate betting shops. While you are waiting for your self-exclusion time to end, you can use betting shops to place bets on sports within a few minutes.
  4. Wait Bet365 exclusion time to end. Anyway, if you can’t find another method to replace Bet365, the only thing to do is wait for the exclusion time to finish. After it, you can contact the support team and ask for activation. Then verify your activation and enjoy Bet365 services after the cooling-off period.

You can select one of these methods to get around exclusion. But before doing any actions, make sure you are aware of exclusion terms and conditions. So let’s look through them together.

Self-exclusion Terms and Conditions

Exist some terms and rules you need to follow while activating exclusion facilities so as not to face difficulties.

How can You self-exclude yourself from one category of bets?

You can exclude yourself from one category of bets. You can activate it by going to the Self-exclusion section and picking the product and period for exclusion.

How to open your account after self-exclusion?

After exclusion, you will be unable to open your account because of restrictions you have put on it.

How long can You self-exclude?

You can exclude it from 6 months to 5 years. There are also 1 and 2 years exclusion time frames.

Where to check the expiration of the Bet365 self-exclusion period?

If you used the Bet365 exclusion option, contact the support team to know how long is left for the exclusion to end. If your exclusion is done via Gamstop, log in to their official web page to know how long is left.

The minimum period of self-exclusion has ended – what will happen?

After the period time is over, your account won’t be activated automatically. You need to refer to customer support and request them to activate your account.

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Self-exclusion is a priority for all reputable gambling companies. And Bet365 has made the process easier and fast for you not to have difficulties. If you have personal problems, you are bankrupt, or you have a gambling addiction, switching self-exclusion on your account is the best decision. After exclusion activating the bookmaker, you will not be able to use your account but withdraw your funds. Anyway, note that Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers suggesting great markets, sports, and support services you can contact whenever you want. We hope our article helped you with your questions and problems.


The “cooling off” period – what is it?

This option is also called Time-out. Bookmaker allows you to use this option after self-exclusion time ends, so you can solidly decide whether you want to continue betting or not.

Is it possible to avoid the exclusion of the Bet365 Gamestop?

The best option is to create another account with a different identity. But we recommend waiting until exclusion time is over not to face difficulties or problems with the company.

How do I remove my self-exclusion from Bet365 if it hasn’t already expired?

You are unable to get rid of exclusion from the Bet365 account if it is not expired yet. Even after the time is over, you should contact customer support to remove restrictions from your account.

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