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Inconsistent performances of prominent clubs affecting Ghana Premier League attendance, says GFA Communications Director

Published on: 26 May 2023

Ghana Football Association Communications Director Henry Asante Twum has expressed his concern over the declining attendance at Ghana Premier League matches, attributing it to the inconsistent performances of prominent clubs.

Twum specifically points out Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak, known for having the largest fan bases in the league, and believes that their inconsistent results have had a negative impact on match attendance.

Twum reminisces about a time when supporters would eagerly gather at the stadiums well before kick-off, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

He recalls the days when Baba Yara Stadium would be full as early as 12 or 1 pm, with fans even attempting to climb the poles near the stadium for a glimpse of the matches. Similar enthusiasm was seen in Accra.

"With specific reference to Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko, the Asante Kotoko we know back in the day, by 12 or 1 pm, Baba Yara is full that sometimes people want to climb the poles behind the stadium to watch matches, at Accra, it was a similar story," said Henry Asante Twum.

However, Twum expresses disappointment that the current situation is a far cry from those vibrant days, primarily due to the inconsistent performances of these clubs.

He firmly believes that Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak have lost their dominance as a result of their inconsistency. Twum asserts that the league's popularity will be restored once these top clubs find their consistency.

"I have noticed a lack of consistency in the performance of these clubs. I cannot recall a time this season when Hearts of Oak won three consecutive games, and the same goes for Kotoko in terms of winning three games in a row," comments Twum.

He further explains, "When a team lacks consistency, it discourages fans from attending matches. For example, after Kotoko's impressive 5-1 victory over Kotoku Royals, they went on to lose the next game. Similarly, after their dominant 4-0 win against Accra Lions, they faced a defeat in their subsequent away match."

"In recent times, Kotoko won at home against Bibiani Goldstars but then suffered losses to Olympics and settled for a draw against Tamale City at Baba Yara Stadium. So, where is the consistency?" Twum concludes.


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