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Ugly AshGold- Inter Allies match-fixing scandal that has left scars on local football

Published on: 17 September 2021
Ugly AshGold- Inter Allies match-fixing scandal that has left scars on local football
Hashim Musah scored deliberate two OWN goals

The Ghana Football Association is under pressure to deliver a judgement on the shameful and embarrassing match fixing scandal involving AshantiGold and Inter Allies that brought global shame to local football last season.

The "loud silence" from the Ghana FA has sparked widespread suspicion in the high-profile match-fixing episode that threatens the integrity of the game in the West African nation.

Failure by the Ghana FA to deliver punishment to both clubs and officialdom will completely collapse local football - as its integrity would have been thrown into the gutter.

Ghanaian fans are waiting with baited breadth to the action the Ghana FA will take over the scandal that has the tendency to destroy the very fiber of the game.

Inter Allies defender Hashim Musah climbed off the bench to score two deliberate own goals in an attempt to foil an alleged match-fixing plot - and insisted his team congratulated him for spoiling the 'pre-agreed' scoreline during a league match against AshantiGold two months ago.

Musah came on the pitch for Eleven Is To One with the score at 5-0 and scored two own goals in the final 12 minutes before being subbed off as the match ended 7-0 on the final day of the season on July 11.

The defender confessed to the media that he intentionally score the own goal - which went viral on social media in a  move to ruin  what he believed was a pre-arranged result for betting reasons.

The match between AshantiGold and Inter Allies, which produced a cricket score of 7-0 in favour of the Miners, is being investigated by authorities over match-fixing allegations.

Hashim scored the six and seven goals against his own club and admitted that he scored those goals to destroy the planned bet on a specific outcome of the last game of the season with his club already relegated.

His justification drew mixed reactions. While receiving praise for not condoning match-fixing, he has been criticized by others for deliberately putting the ball in his own net, leading to Ghana football being ridiculed on the global stage. can report that officials and players of both teams have been taken their turns in assisting the police to investigate the shameful conduct with authorities relying heavily on the claims of the defender.

While the police do their job, the sporting aspect is being investigated by the Ghana Football Association with both AshantiGold and Inter Allies  denying any wrongdoing.

However, its the slow pace of action from the Ghana FA that has sparked outrage amid suspicion that the characters and teams may be shielded.

With a little over a month for a new 2021-22 season to kick-in, the deafening silence from the governing body is  a major source of concern for football aficionados.

The lack of clarity has put spin doctors in full swing with the miners and the relegated Premier League side facing demotion.

The two clubs if found guilty could be demoted to the fourth division plus a hefty fine, with Kurt Okraku's GFA administration determined to protect the integrity of the country's number one sport.

AshantiGold finished the season 9th hence are still a Ghana Premier League club, meanwhile, Inter Allies have been relegated.

In 2007, Nania FC, Okwahu United, Great Mariners FC and Tudu Mighty Jets were demoted to the fourth division after they were found guilty of match-fixing.

Nania and Mariners were level on points in their group and needed to win their final matches to qualify for the country's top league.

Abedi Pele's Nania FC beat Okwawu United 31-0 while Great Mariners triumphed 28-0 over Mighty Jets in league games played earlier this year.

However, upon successful appeals, the four clubs maintained their second-tier status but severed one season bans.

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