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International footballers who loved and battled gambling

Published on: 24 October 2019

While a large number of well-known footballers were able to get a handle on their gambling habit, before it consumed them for good, others didn’t have that sort of control over their indulgences. In this short article, we’ll acquaint you with some international football players, who had the good fortune to play for reputed clubs like Tottenham, Manchester United, Newcastle, Arsenal and the kinds, and yet allowed their gambling problem to get the better of them; some managing to kick it in time and some didn’t.

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Keith Gillespie

As per Keith Gillespie, he has squandered close to £ 7.2 million indulging in all kinds of gambles. He calls himself a stupid gambler but also agrees that there are not many clever gamblers out there. He had a good education and was brought up in good circumstances, however, if you allow gambling to take centre-stage in your life, it has the capability to become your downfall. Keith has played with Manchester United, Darlington, Blackburn, Newcastle United, Sheffield United, Leicester City and Bradford City in the past.


Matthew Etherington

Having played for clubs like Tottenham Hotspur, Stoke City, West Ham and Peterborough, Matthew Etherington is an accomplished footballer who fell prey to gambling. He lost as much as £ 1.5 million playing poker and used to bet on horses and greyhounds. He became very withdrawn at one point of time and quite different from the person his family knew. In his opinion, once you start gambling, you push yourself into a completely different world and are constantly thinking about the next bet.

Michael Chopra

Michael lost close to £ 2 million in gambling activities. As he earned more and more in his career, his gambles also became bigger. At one point of time, Michael was gambling £ 20,000 per day. He played for Blackpool, Cardiff, Ipswich, Sunderland and Newcastle in a football career. It was his gambling debts that pushed him out of Cardiff and forced him to play despite injury at Ipswich, only to cover his debts.


Paul Merson

Paul Merson lost close to £ 7 million over the 2 decades that he was addicted to gambling. During this time. He played some really silly bets, a £ 60,000 here and an £ 80,000 there. He was gambling in almost anything and everything at one point of time. Having played for clubs like Arsenal, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough and Portsmouth Walsall, he always had enough funds to fund his addiction.

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