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Is it legal to bet anonymously?

Published on: 24 January 2023

Many people play on sports betting sites and casino games. They are fans of legal gambling and are looking for a way to satisfy their hobby. Of course, players wish to be anonymous and not have their details shared. However, this is not always possible because most bookmakers and online casinos require verification by sending photos of documents.

Recently, gambling operators have emerged that offer you to bet completely anonymously. According to this means that you do not have to go through a verification procedure with personal documents. Is it legal to participate in such online betting platforms, you will read below in the article.

What are casinos without verification?

Some people look skeptically at the possibility of betting at a casino without verification, as they are not sure if it is legal. Naturally, if the operator is licensed and the site is not a scam, there is no problem playing at a casino or bookmaker without verification. Most such platforms accept payment in cryptocurrency so that your bets are absolutely anonymous.

For example, with commercial betting sites and casinos, you need to identify yourself with personal documents because there is a risk of using another person's details and paying with their bank account or bank card. As for the casinos without verification, there you deposit and withdraw with digital wallets and don't have to leave bank details.

The fact is that the lack of verification, is approved by many. They do not want to distribute their ID cards and passports, nor do they want to send bank statements and debit or credit card photos. In addition, a lot of time is saved by waiting for verification approval.

Why do players want to bet anonymously?

Gambling is a peculiar matter and bettors do not want to come out in the open. They play with real money and for them anonymity is the most important thing. When depositing or withdrawing money by bank transfer, it is always visible where the funds come from. This way the player comes out in the open and is known to be into gambling fun. Therefore, many are looking for an alternative payment method.

Sports betting sites and e-casinos that offer cryptocurrency payment are a far safer place. You accept payments in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Etereum, or Litecoin, with all the money credited to your e-wallet. You don't have to mention your names, nor do you have to spell out bank details. Everything happens easily and without showing your details.

There is nothing illegal about anonymous betting. What's more, gambling operators are increasingly relying on this kind of customer handling. Skipping the requirement to hand over copies of your documents is good news for customers who are keen to maintain discretion.

How to recognize legal casinos without verification?

First of all, read professional casino reviews on the internet. Look for customer reviews and comments and research the operators' rules. This may take some time, but you will be sure that the site is real and not a scam. Unfortunately, there are online platforms whose sole purpose is to steal passwords and other data to drain your money.

Researching a casino or sportsbook site is the first thing to start with. Provided that most reviews are positive, you can put your trust in the company. However, if you come across a lot of criticisms and remarks, it is better to stay away from the given website.

By no means experiment with betting sites that do not offer you phone support, live chat and email for communication. These places are suspicious and there is a high risk of falling victim to a scam. Be careful not to make a mistake you will regret.

Bet wisely and responsibly

If you have already found your online betting platform, you need to be sensible. Keep in mind that these sites accept registrations of adults who are 18 years of age or older. In case you are under this age, find another way of entertainment. Besides, you should not overdo it with the bets because there is a real risk of losing all your money.

We urge readers of this article to be sensible and responsible. Gambling leads to addiction, and that is dangerous. Should you start spending too much on sports or casino betting, it is time to take action and simply stop with these online pastimes.

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