J.E.A Sarpong happy no coach was compromised in Anas exposé

Published on: 11 July 2018

Veteran Ghanaian Coach, J.E.A Sarpong has revealed his excitement after no Coach was caught on camera receiving any form of enticement in the Anas exposé which was premiered on June 6th. 

Ghana Football was hit hard by the investigative piece by journalist Anas Armeyaw Anas, where several stakeholders were seen on camera receiving cash to influence games and other aspects of football.

Following the premiere of the video, there has been diverse reaction but Coach J.E.A Sarpong is elated that no coach was affected in the documentary.

"On Anas Video?. Well I feel proud as a coach in the first place that no coach was seen in compromising situations like taking bribes in the Anas Video. It is good for our image," he said on Metro FM.

"But let me add that it may be that Anas didn't focus on coaches. If he did, many coaches would have been caught, trust me. It's just like you never know who goes to heave or hell until judgment day. But what I can say that several coaches take bribes and they would have been trapped easily. I am clean. I know myself and so was never afraid. This should however be a warning and lesson to all," he added.