Breaking News: Ghana Premier League clubs confirm withdrawal from NC Special Competition

Published on: 11 January 2019

All the sixteen Ghana Premier League clubs have confirmed their withdrawal from the upcoming special competition, exposing their intense disagreement Normalisation Committee (NC) over running the game.

The clubs insist they will not accept the format proposed by the NC revealing they will play their own competition by seeking for sponsorship.

A meeting held between the representatives of the sixteen Premier League clubs and the GFA Normalisation Committee on Wednesday failed to yield the desired results of getting the clubs to back down on their threat to boycott the competition over some concerns raised.

The clubs have considered the terms for participating in the competition such as the guaranteed money for a minimum of eight matches and the format of the competition as ‘unacceptable’.

A strange policy to have the GFA pay prize money of the competition directly to the players have also been seen as a disrespectful slap in the face of club administrators as it has the potential of causing disaffecting between club managers and players while also impugning on the integrity of club administrators.

“As respectfully expressed to the Normalisation Committee during yesterday’s meeting, we have grave concerns about the format presented and, as such, cannot commit to participating as currently constructed," a statement by the Ghana Premier League clubs revealed on Friday.

“Yesterday, we presented an alternative proposal based on our years of experience financing and operating clubs which we believe represents the interests of all stakeholders, including our brothers in Division One. We also believe it provides the most compelling platform to attract media/commercial partners and re-launch football in Ghana with great excitement.

“We are prepared to move forward with 16-team Premier League CAF Champions League Qualification Tournament as presented to and approved by the Normalisation Committee, and appreciate your stated willingness to adjust your timelines to minimize scheduling issues.”

The clubs however left a door open for further interactions with the Ghana FA.

“Should you wish to continue a constructive dialogue on how we can participate in a broader tournament along the lines of the 64-Team CAF Confederation Cup we would welcome a further discussion.

“Otherwise, we wish you all the best for the success of your special tournament as currently structured. We look forward to working with you toward the best interests of football in Ghana.”

This is the latest setback in the work of the Normalisation Committee as they bid to get local competitions resumed.