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Kaka: It is very sad to see Ronaldinho under this situation

Published on: 27 March 2020

Kaka wish to have a reunion with Ronaldinho, who is jailed in Paraguay now, and he wishes when he sees Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho's out of jail & smiling like everyone likes.

The former Madridista, told the program 'Jogo Aberto',  “it is very sad (to see him in jail). We don't have enough information to talk about his situation. For us, for the players who played with Ronaldinho and are friends of him, it is very sad to see him going through that situation”.

Kaka sent a message of hope regarding the condition that Ronaldinho is having to face: “We hope to see him the way we like to see him: smiling, playing ball and having fun.”


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